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Miley Cyrus is becoming more feminine and sexy

Miley Cyrus is becoming more feminine and sexy

The Teen muse, Miley Cyrus seems no more a sweet 16 girlie, she is turning into a gorgeous fashion diva and she loves to show that she’s no more a child through her fashion style, which is more feminine and more revealing than it used to be, but that doesn’t mean she looks inappropriate.

From a casual street style to a more revealing, sexy style, there is always a ‘rock-chic’ aura in her dresses that shows her carefree, fun loving side. Mixing and matching seems to be a piece of cake for her, for a more casual look she chooses cute summer dresses, tight fitting jeans and shorts, tight or baggy shirts paired with gorgeous cowboy boots suit her perfectly and create very inspirational look. Cowboy boots are a darling for Miley, and it’s amazing how she manages to incorporate them into her stylish outfits.

Miley magically transforms into an elegant cum rock-chic classy lady when she appears on formal occasions. Shirt tight fitting dresses, elegant pencil cut dresses and fabulous gowns adorned with different details, more sensual but never too revealing are an ultimate choice for her.

Coming on to her stage outfits that I must say she seems to get influenced by Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce for her stage outfits are more revealing than before and this seems to have caused a great amount of controversies. Her fabulous leotard, tummy revealing shirts and cute shorts whispers of a completely different and grown up Miley.

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