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The Romantic Garden

The Romantic Garden

Who doesn’t want a beautiful garden, full of whimsical mystery and romantic decor? Take some steps and measures to create your ideal romantic garden.

Old World Elements
Think of adding garden statues, stone urns, covered pathways, weeping vines and create areas of the garden that are only visible when a visitor is actually walking in the garden. Resin cherubs peeking from the planters add a touch of serenity in any romantic garden design. Consider adding a garden folly to add a sense of history and mystery.

Garden Plants and Colour
Adding a little cottage garden style to romantic garden means attention to the flowers placed in the beds. Garden Plants and flowers should be placed in large groups for great masses of colour. Try using garden plants and flowers in shades of pinks, reds, whites, creams, greens and purples to create a full romantic garden of vibrant colour.

Fragrance in the Garden
Fragrance in the garden is also an important ingredient so add lots of fragrant flowers and spread them throughout the flower beds. Sometimes the scents from a variety of plants can mix badly if planted close together so pick wisely.

Secret Gardens
Create secret garden spaces hidden away behind tall shrubs and trees. Theses spaces should be discovered and not obviously visible unless discovered. It could be surrounded by a hedge or even a tall fence covered in garden plants and vines such as Ivy and roses. Arbors and pergolas are beautiful accents to your climbing roses and create shaded, romantic spaces.

Water Elements
Water is an essential element to a romantic garden. Depending on the area you have, a small garden pond with fish or a round stream with a centre floating island and small walking bridge could work. For medium sized gardens, a flowing fountain is a perfect addition.

For romantic garden lighting, line the area with clear, glass candleholders and place a single coloured candle in each or fill with water and add delicate floating candles and rose petals from your garden. Lanterns and long candles, at night, are beautiful as well.

When romancing the garden, it isn’t necessary to use all the elements listed here. Take into account the size of the garden, the budget, and the time spent gardening.

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