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Cara Delevingne Hilariously Fails to Recognize Bruce Springsteen ‘I Had No Idea Who He Was’

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne recently shared a surprising and amusing interaction she had with a celebrity she couldn’t recognize. The 31-year-old model and actress was speaking to The Sunday Times about her relationship with her girlfriend of two years, Leah Mason when she recounted a hilarious story about meeting Bruce Springsteen.

The Suicide Squad star recalled being backstage with her girlfriend at the Glastonbury Music Festival in 2022 when they encountered the legendary musician Bruce Springsteen. While Mason was thrilled to meet the Born to Run singer, Delevingne was left puzzled, struggling to recognize him.

“I said to Leah afterward, who was that?” Delevingne recounted. “She was like, ‘What? That was Bruce Springsteen!’ I had no idea what he looked like. She thinks that’s blasphemy.”

Delevingne, who has had a difficult time with substance abuse, then spoke about her strong bond with her girlfriend. “She’s the type of person who has boundaries, and there came a point with me when she wasn’t going to have it much longer, and it was a blessing in disguise,” Delevingne shared.

Reflecting on her relationship, Delevingne added, “It’s the first time I feel like I’m in a relationship not trying to rescue someone.” This remark highlights the healthy dynamics of her current relationship, which contrasts with her past experiences.

The anecdote about meeting Bruce Springsteen adds a lighthearted touch to Delevingne’s interview, showcasing her candid and humorous personality. It also underscores the supportive and grounded nature of her relationship with Mason, who has been a positive influence in her life.

Cara Delevingne’s candidness about her struggles and her relationship offers a glimpse into her personal life, revealing both her vulnerabilities and strengths. As she navigates her career and personal life, Delevingne continues to be a relatable and inspiring figure for many.

The story of her unrecognized encounter with Bruce Springsteen is sure to entertain fans and readers, adding another memorable moment to the model’s eventful life. As Delevingne and Mason continue their journey together, their story remains a testament to the power of love and support in overcoming personal challenges.

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