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Britney Spears Tells Haters To Start ‘Clapping’ As She Poses In The Bathtub


Though reports indicate Britney Spears had little to no control over her social media during the course of her conservatorship, in recent months she’s been posting whatever the heck she feels like. A lot of times these posts include Spears’ infamous dance videos or the “Toxic” singer showing off fashion or looks on the beach or in the tub.

It was the bathtub she returned to this weekend while she simultaneously seemed to clap back at those who have expressed disapproval over some of her recent posts.  

In this case, Spears seems to be posting the images a bit out of defiance. In the caption of her latest post she said “keep clapping bitch.” The new photos in the tub come after her ex Kevin Federline accused the pop singer of embarrassing the kids they share with her posts.

The two had some public spats online about it, but they eventually changed course and stopped talking about it on social media. Spears has continued to post whenever and however she is feeling like in a given moment. 

A lot of her fans commented about being confused about the caption, which also included some comments about “sucking.” However, if you look back a couple of days ago at her Instagram, the singer was also writing about her haters and the “shade” that’s been thrown at her in recent weeks. At the time, she seemed to be writing straight to the commenters who have expressed disapproval over recent posts, noting, “I’m only human … what can I say 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ FUCK YOU !!!’”

This latest bathtub photo appears to be a continuation of her message to all the haters who have something to say. She’s in a position now to make her own choices on social media, and this is the latest example of her doing whatever it is she feels is right. In this case, that’s putting it all out there (with some carefully placed flower emojis of course).

The pop icon’s behavior on Instagram over the last several weeks has landed the singer a lot of attention, though there hasn’t been a consistent theme. She’s dropped a ton of different images but then also posted about being “embarrassed” that she was sharing too much. In addition, she has posted a lot of images that she’s used on social media before, which has led to some fans running wild with conspiracy theories. Her husband Sam Asghari also tried to do an Instagram Live while the two were in bed, perhaps to address those theories, but she didn’t want any part of going on camera. 

Meanwhile, one other aspect of Britney Spears’ life she has consistently posted about is gaining freedoms after the Framing Britney Spears documentary shed light on the conservatorship that had dominated her existence for years. In the time since that conservatorship ended, the singer has been pumped about being able to drive again. She more recently posted about using an ATM card for the first time and how it made her feel. She’s enjoying her freedom and expressing herself, and for her, that sometimes includes dropping selfies in the bathtub. 

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