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Both Torn apart! Charles and Camilla started living separate lives


Unfortunately for the heir, behind his father’s casket as it made its final journey through Windsor was the most publicly vulnerable moment of his life usually stiff-upper-lipped Prince of Wales, trailing tearfully. The loneliness has continued to echo as his nearest and dearest have not been there in his time of need.

Two days after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral the 72-year-old fled to his Welsh cottage, New Idea can reveal the prince is now undergoing another low point this time with his marriage to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. 

From the insider reports, the prince is feeling “dumped” as the couple who marked 16 years of marriage on the day Prince Philip died are said to be leading “entirely separate lives”, despite Charles’ intense pain over the loss of his beloved father. The source said: “Most would think Camilla, who stands to be the queen consort one day, would be very much beside him for that,” Also

insiders confirm that Charles spent the week before Philip’s funeral in London while Camilla remained in her country home, with a source insisting the situation managed to raise eyebrows, “but those closest just assumed he had a job to get on with and she was keeping out of the way”.

Philip’s favorite of the royal residences, and she’s happy to leave her children to grieve their father as they see fit,” “The Queen has lost her husband and is yearning to head there. “But Charles can scarcely believe Prince Harry rushed back to Los Angeles so quickly after the funeral, especially with things still left unsaid between them over their family feud.”

William, meanwhile, has “thrown himself back into his work” despite the mourning period. Source stated that “William is very sad, of course, but he’s determined to look forward, not backward,” 

According to the source “The Queen has lost her husband and is yearning to head to Sandringham, which was Philip’s favorite of the royal residences, and she’s happy to leave her children to grieve their father as they see fit,” 

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