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Natalie Wood Effortless and Elegant

Natalie Wood Effortless and Elegant

Natalie Wood Effortless and ElegantRecently Natalie wood who was a style icon died in California. Natalie wood was a beauty and she was style icon of the sixties. Beautiful Natalie wood started her career as a child star; she was adorable as a star. She was very beautiful and classy in her teens every boy wanted and girls wanted to be like her. Natalie wood was very sophisticated and decent when she becomes an adult. She was really popular actor of Hollywood. She made her place in the industry; she was always their doing something. She was a true picture of beauty and elegance a woman can have.

As a child star Natalie Wood did some movies and some became really famous such as Miracle on 34th street and the ghost and Mrs. Muir.

When she was 16 she did the film named Rebel without a cause and it was a big hit, everyone loved her. Natalie wood showed her talent and beauty in the film. She won an academy award nomination for her work in the movie. Her performance in the movie Marjorie Morning star was really good; this was the film which made her looked princess.

Beautiful Natalie wood did some work by force such as the movie the searchers. It was her least favorite project but she had to do it because of her mother. The famous roles of Natalia woods were in the film splendor in the grass, she played a role of young girl who has so many desires. Elegant Natalia woods even acted in west side story and than she did Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare’s, and it was a big hot everyone loved her in the movie.
Natalia woods also did the key role in the Gypsy and the character she played depicted her own life. This character was very close to her heart.

The great actress Natalia woods did bob and coral and ted and Alice. She even did acting in this time period. Natalia woods did cat on a hot tin roof in 1976 and got too much and got positive reviews from the public. There always comes a big project in a actors life so 1981 was a year of Natalia woods, she worked in the movie Brain storm it was a science fiction movie and with Christopher walken was with her in the project.

Natalia woods earned much fame and respect in her life as an actress. She was a beauty icon and she even had 3 Oscar’s nominations. The charming Natalia woods acted in more than 55 films.

If we talk about her personal life she even dated the handsome Dennis Hopper, who is an actor. Natalia woods even dated Elvis Presley who is a popular singer. Natalia woods got married in 1950 and her marriage was all over on the media but she become involved in someone else and the marriage ended. This incident made her depress and she started taking drugs. This incident made her so isolated that she tried to kill her. In this time period Natalia woods was not working but later on she got married to Richard Gregson who is a writer and producer. She had a daughter the same year they got married. After sometimes the couple started having issue so Natalia woods left him as she wanted to remarry her first husband, they had another daughter but sadly she died in 1981.

Natalia wood had a tragic death, she went to trip by boat with his husband but her Co star was also present on the boat. Three of them drink too much while fighting on some personal issues and the next morning her body was found. Her fans and loved one became really sad after her death news. Still everyone remembers her in good words.

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