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Anna Kendrick Doesn’t Even Look Like Herself Anymore–Her Face Has Changed SO Much

Anna Kendrick has been in the spotlight for nearly 15 years, and over that time her appearance has changed dramatically. While Kendrick has always been stunning, before and after photos from years apart posted to the Instagram account @_celebrities_before_after_ showed just how far the 35-year-old has come with her beauty regime over her time as a celeb. She looks stunning!

Growing up in the spotlight can’t be easy, but Anna Kendrick made it look effortless as seen in the series of snaps that @_celebrities_before_after_ posted on April 13. While you can tell it is the same person, Kendrick had truly grown into her features, glowing with flawless skin and looking far more confident than before.

Fans were shocked by the pictures, but agreed that she looked equally as beautiful before and after. While some speculated at plastic surgery, most noted that natural weight loss was likely the biggest contributor to her changing face. “Loss of weight and something to the eye. But I think nothing more Then and now stunning,” one fan commented. Meanwhile, another wrote, “Natural glowup.”

Kendrick has really honed her makeup skills over the years, and it just goes to show how big of an impact confidence can make in your appearance. She was stunning before, but she’s even more gorgeous now–we need her skincare routine!

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