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Tips To Get Rid of Bumpy Skin

tips to get rid of bumpy skin

Mostly people have bumps on their face, upper side of their arms, shoulders, thighs and upper back. I personally felt bad when I had bumpy skin on my upper back and arms. That was inherited from my paternal side. I can’t wear sleeveless shirts confidently and always got tense due to it.women bumpy skin tips1-Drink Plenty of Water:

You should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water every day. You will notice the difference in your skin as water hydrates your skin and makes your body to flush out toxins and wastes. Avoid artificial juices and cold drinks. Drinking water is a natural and old way to get fresh clean skin.

2- Home Remedy:

In old times people used to boil neem leaves in water and took bath from that water which helps them to prevent skin diseases. You can also try this remedy which was told by my mother and which was really effective. But if you haven’t that much time than add pinches of alum, pinky in your bath tub, pours some drops of pyodeine in your bath water as it will help to make your skin germ free.

3- Use Cleansers:

To wash your face and body use soap free body wash and face wash as soap makes your skin more dry and patchy. A cleanser helps to remove oil, dirt and dead cells form body and face. Be careful to choose cleansers, which should be with mild formulation. Cleanser with mild formulation is strong enough to remove excess oil and dirt.

4-Scrubs your Body:

Use exfoliating scrub while you are taking bath .Particles in the scrub help your bumps to clean and clear softly and easily. Prefer sugar scrubs instead of salt scrubs as they are less scratchy than salt scrubs. They also dissolve more quickly and easy to rinse off. Use scrubs according to your skin type. Our upper back is quite unreachable from our hand that’s why we unable to clean that body part easily. For this purpose use scrub sponges which are easily available in the market. Buy long sized scrubber to clean your unreachable body part easily.

5-Moisturize Your Skin:

Bumpy skin develops when the skin is uneven, rough and starts to peel. Use oil free moisturizer regularly to hydrate your skin. Moisturizer helps to prevent your skin from dry patches and nourish those areas to give smooth texture.

6-Look What Are You Eating:

Avoid unhealthy food; say no to oily and much spicy food. Add vegetables and fruits in your diet to make your blood clean. When I had bumpy skin my mother advised me to eat bitter guard, drink juices of all citrus fruits including orange, citron fruit as they helps to remove acids from our body and clear bad cells from our blood.

7-Treat Acne:

If your bumps are causing by blemishes then try salicylic acid gel or toner as it naturally exfoliate your skin quickly and helps acne go away. It also helps to prevent new acne from forming. But if your acne is severe or moderate then use benzoyl peroxide lotion and apply evenly on those areas usually at night time.

8-Visit your Dermatologist:

If your condition gets worse than visit your dermatologist and prescribe treatments from him/her. Generally dermatologist prescribes Hydro 35 foam or Retin-A which helps to remove stubborn bumps. More over different body peels and laser treatments are also effective to fade red bumps.

Remember consistency is very important part of maintaining a healthy, smooth skin. Make sure to do all these things on daily bases to get rid of bumpy skin.

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