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Bizarre facial treatments that work!

It’s not just about the C-T-M routine any more. We don’t resort to good old home remedies that were handed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers. The weirder, the better! We have blissfully decided to follow whatever trends the celebs deem credible, and quite a few celebs have been known to go the extra mile to maintain their youthful appearances. Bizarre rituals have gained popularity due to their steady stream of social media posts. From the slightly wacky to the downright insane, from bird poop to having leeches suck blood out of your skin, here are just six of the trends that are doing the rounds. 

Magnetic masks

This therapy is steeped in history. Cleopatra is famed to have slept with a magnetic amulet on her head to maintain her youthful appearance. These masks again became popular when Madonna announced that her line of skincare products included a magnetic mask. What is that, you ask? They are regular face masks that have a combination of traditional skincare ingredients along with fine magnetic particles that create a micro-current when used in conjunction with a magnet. You apply the thick paste on your skin and let it stay for 10 minutes. Then with the magnet that is provided, you attract the mask off your skin. The selling points of this face mask is that it involves no water; and the oddly satisfying feeling of watching the particles being pulled clean off your skin by the magnet.

Snail slime

Not for the faint-hearted, this facial treatment involves the application of snail mucin on your face! It was popular amongst the Greeks who used it as an antidote for indigestion and cough. They also used it as a topical application to treat inflammation in the body. Much later, farmers in South America, who harvested snails as food noticed their hands were much smoother and looked younger because of the slime. South Korea then paved the way for snail slime to enter our beauty dictionaries when they introduced us to a host of snail mucin infused beauty products. Snail mucin is the secretion that the little creatures produce, which protect and lubricate their soft bodies from rough surfaces, bacteria and UV rays. This secretion helps them stick to surfaces and also keeps them hydrated during the dryer seasons. 

Bee venom

You wouldn’t let a bee sting you on purpose, much less put creams with bee venom onto your skin, would you? Think not? Well, think again! Kate Middleton made this ingredient popular, and going by the mother-of-three’s glowing skin, we are ready to explore this trend. It’s amusing to think that the bee venom is produced by the stinger on the back of a bee. Normally, when you are stung by a bee, your skin gets swollen and turns itchy, unless you are allergic to bees. Bee venom-infused treatments use the properties of the venom and turn it into beneficial products for the skin. 

Bird poop

The Japanese inspired Geisha Facial uses ‘uguisu no fun’ which translates to poop of the nightingale! It is said to have enzymes which help break down dead skin cells. It is also used to brighten, illuminate and gently exfoliate the skin. The Japanese bush warbler bird is chosen to harvest the poop because it has a short digestive tract that keeps most of the enzymes that are good for your skin intact. These birds are fed a diet of organic seeds, and the bird droppings is collected and sanitised under UV lights. It is then dried and ground into a fine white powder. This powder can then be mixed with water to form a face mask or a face cleanser. This is the powder that finds many uses in creams and masks. Victoria and David Beckham have made this therapy popular and it boasts a large celeb following.

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