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Skin Care in Winter

skin care in winter

Winter Skin CareDry, cool and snowy season gifted us dry fruits, snow, fog and so many excited things but on the other side, this beautiful and cool season brings so many problems to our skin care. Skin care in winter season becomes too much tough.

Skin care in winter season is much problematic than summer. In winter, our skin becomes more rough, dry and itchy as compare to summer. Dry, cool and rough weather of winter is very harshest for your skin. Skin becomes more dull, rough, patchy and dry in winter season. To make your skin glowing, normal and healthy, you must have to follow winter skin care tips strictly. To combat all wintery problems regarding your skin care, follow these very simple winter skincare tips to make your skin healthy, moderate and moisturizing even in snowy and dry winter season.

Winter skin care tips:

  • Dryness is one of the major skin care problem we face in winter season. Our facial skin becomes more dry, patchy and rough. Cold winter winds dries natural oil and moisture of your facial skin. This lead to rough and cracked skin and you feel tight and uncomfortable. To eliminate this dryness and roughness, all you need is to pamper your skin with lots of moisturizer. Don’t forget to add a good quality moisturizer in your winter skin care products and winter skin care tips. As this dry weather dries your natural moisture so your skin need and external source for moisture. So moisturizing regularly is must in winter season. Don’t use water base moisturizer. It has lots of water in it which might cause freezing when you go outside. Use oil base moisturizers in winter season for your skin care.
  • In winter season, take shower on daily basis. Don’t use hot water for shower. It is a fact that hot water doesn’t give moisture to your body. It takes away the protecting lipids and fat layers and as a result your body feels dehydration. So avoid hot water in winter season. Wash your wash with cool water in the early morning. It will awake your skin and makes it fresh.
  • Don’t forget to use sun screen or sun protection products even in cold winter weather. The sun’s reflecting power in winter can be higher as compare to summer. So you must use sun protection to prevent your skin and facial beauty from UV and photo aging. It is recommended to use a 15 SPS protection product to prevent from UV rays of sun.
  • The indoor environment of your home or office also becomes dry and cool. So for humidity, use humidifier to fight with dryness and dehydration. Many indoor plants can also be used as a humidifier.
  • Do winter facial to raise your facial skin beauty. It is a best tip among all winter skin care tips. Use a mild exfoliating skin care products for this purpose. You can also use dehydration and soothing mask. Use moisturizer as a massager after facial. This express facial will stimulate your blood circulation and gives your skin energy which makes your skin glowing and shiny even in dry winter weather.
  • Don’t ignore your hands and feet in winter. Your winter skin care tips must have hands and feet care tips. Hands are more exposed to dry and stripping products like soaps, detergents etc. so winter skin care demand special hand care. Use emollient-based hand care products to make your hands beautiful and attractive in winter.
  • Lip care is essential too in winter weather. Al winter skin care tips have lip care section in them. Usually lips suffer more in dry winter weather. Some protective and moisturizing lip care products such as lip glosses and lip balms can be used to get ride from sour, chapped and flaky lips in winter weather.

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