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Dry Skin Care Tips

Dry Skin Care

As the winter season is at its peak so you need to be prepare for fighting against the effects of this dull and dry season. The most common problem in winter season is the skin dryness that makes the skin look dull too. Winter Skin Care TipsWell, this is not a grave problem and you can enjoy your winters by some simple skin care tips that will make you look beautifully flawless this season.You can retain your vigor of appeal by pampering your skin with some simple skin care measures. Due to the extreme weather, several skin perils appear on the skin that make it look undesirable. The biggest effect of the winter season is dryness that makes it look itchy, dull and wrinkled. In winter season, the moisture of the skin dries readily and as a result it ruins your skin beauty and makes your skin more vulnerable for certain bacteria’s and harmful micro-organisms. So you need to be conscious in this regard and protect your skin from such type of damages. Following are skin care tips for dry skin:

Drink Water: Those who are fond of coffee and other hot drinks in winter, they must drink water in excess you moisturize their skin. Water has its own advantages and functions that could not be neglected at any cost. It keeps your body hydrated so you need to drink plenty of water to avoid dry and dull skin in winter season. Drink at least 4 to 6 glasses of water to make your skin look fresh and glowing.

Use Skin Moisturizers: To overcome the dryness of the skin in winters, all you need to do is moisturize your skin with some good moisturizer. You can go for some moisturizing lotion that suits your skin tone and banish away the dullness and dryness of the skin. It will make your skin smooth and also work as a seal on your skin so that the moisture of the skin might not escape.

DIY Tip: For dry and peely skin, you can use a simple and easy tip at your home. Just take some ice-cold whole milk and then soak a washcloth in it. Then lay that cloth on your face for just ten minutes to remove flakes from your skin in winter season. Milk contains natural lipids in it that plump up and moisturize your skin. The lactic acid -present in milk- lessens the redness of the skin.

Use Lip Balm: To avoid cracking of lips, just apply some good quality lip balm on your lips. It will boost the softness of your lips and you don’t need to moisten your lips with your saliva as lip balm is best for you.

Glove up: To prevent your hands from dryness and dark spots caused by winter season, you need to glove up your hands. It is crucial for every woman that whenever they go out for some work, shopping or casual hangout-they should cover their hands and toes. It will not only keep you warm but also protect your skin from seasonal effects.

Honey: The best hydrating scrub in winter season is the honey- which not only makes your Dry Skin soft, but also the rough elbows and knees as well. So make your winters best by following the above mentioned skin care tips.

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