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Home Spa Treatment for Dry Cracked Feet

Like other body parts get hurt, our feet are also a part of our body. So as we take care of our body we should always take care of our feet also. Our whole body weight is carried by our feet and without them we can’t stand properly. With dry cracked feet how we will do our whole day work easily so for this we need home spa treatment for dry cracked feet.

  • The Hot Spa: Home Spa Treatment

The Hot Spa Foot Bath has all the requirements of the best personal foot spa and is one of the best home spa treatments. This foot spa has toe touch control so that you can easily change the settings without stooping for a relaxing spa treatment. By this home spa you can heal your dry cracked feet.  Features include water heat up, heat controls as well as interchangeable massagers for added relaxation. The pedicure center makes taking care of your feet quick and cure your dry cracked feet.

  • The Salt Spa: Home Spa Treatment

For your dry cracked feet this treatment will gives your dry cracked feet the sense of healing and care. Put hot water in a tub and add one table spoon salt, 2 lemons, one table spoon moisturizing lotion and some soap in it. Put your dry cracked feet on that hot water and slowly rub your feet on one another. Doing this home spa treatment for your dry cracked feet thrice a week will never make your feet dry and cracked.

  • The Foot Spa: Home Spa Treatment

After treating your feet to a generous layer of body lotion or other rich moisturizer, wear a pair socks to keep in the moisture. These socks will help your skin absorb the moisturizer quickly and protect it from the dry air at night. Such types of home spa treatment are great for year-round use but will be especially effective for protecting your dry cracked feet during the colder months.

  • The Oil Spa: Home Spa Treatment

This home spa treatment is not just for your dry cracked feet but this can be applied to any dry area in your body. Take some petroleum jelly or jojoba oil which can gives your dry cracked feet relaxation and heals it as early as possible. Massage your feet everyday with this Spa and you will notice betterment in your feet.

Cracking and dryness usually happens in winter when your skin is the driest and also in summer when you try to expose your feet to the scorching heat of sun. Your dry cracked feet can be healed if you try wearing proper shoes or sandals. If you have problems with cracked heels, you should wear shoes that have backs on them.

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