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Healthy Fruits and Vegetables for Glowing Summer Skin

diet for healthy skin

Summer is here and the bright sunlight can cause damage to our skin. The UV rays for sun cause skin cancer as well. You need some proper diet for healthy skin in summer as sun rays cause severe effect on your skin. Most to you, who went outside in sunlight, need some precautionary measures to be done for the care of your skin in bright sunshine.

healthy food for skin

You should apply a good sun block before going out in bright sun. Besides sun block, a healthy diet is also essential for you skin. Fruits and vegetables can help a lot in making your skin fresh and glowing. Summer season bought a number of fruits and vegetables that can make your skin tone better and fair. A big advantage of fruits and vegetables is that they can make your complexion fair without making you fat. Fruits and vegetables is really a healthy diet for your skin that you must have in summer. Below are mentioned some fruits and vegetables that would be beneficial for your skin in summer.


Fruits are a great source of vitamins that are very essential for healthy skin. Add the following fruits in your diet for a better skin tone.

Watermelon: Water is very essential to make the skin fresh and glowing. Watermelon contains natural water in it and vitamin A & C as well. These vitamins are very useful for a healthy skin. You can make your skin fresh by adding watermelon in you daily summer diet. Watermelon is a healthy diet for skin in summer because it provides you hydration in hot summer.

Apricot: The terrific summer fruit apricot contains beta carotene and C. It can make your skin healthy and fight against acne. Acne is the major problem for most of you in summer. So eat apricot for better skin.

Papaya: The fruit that is rich in vitamin C & E can make your skin fresh and healthy. Papaya not only improves your color complexion but also make your skin smooth and glowing. You can eat papaya by adding it in salads or by eating it in simple slices.

Blackberries: Blackberries are rich in vitamin E. This fruit nourish your skin leaving a glowing effect. Vitamin E makes your skin healthy and fresh. You can eat blackberries in raw form or in desserts. Your diet for healthy skin must contain blackberries.

Pineapples: Pineapple is one of the best fruits of summer that hydrates your body in summer. It contains Vitamin C that improves elasticity of your skin. For a healthy skin, you must take pineapple as a healthy diet for skin.


Do add vegetables in your diet for a healthy skin and see the difference. Below are mentioned some veggies for making your skin better.

Carrots: Carrots contain beta-carotene that not only sharpen your eye sight but also prevent dry skin. If you have problem of dry skin then you must add carrot in your diet for healthy skin. You can use juice of carrot or by eating it in salads.

Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is used by your body to regenerate vitamin C. This makes your skin tone better and healthy. Sweet potatoes should be a part of your daily diet for healthy skin.

Tomatoes: Tomato is considered as fruit and a vegetable as well. Tomatoes contain lycopene that protects your skin for damaging sun rays. It improves the circulation of blood in the body and this circulation help in the nourishment of skin cells. If you want a healthy skin then eat tomatoes in excess.

Cucumber: The green vegetable cucumber is very best for your skin in any form. It is made up of 90% of water. Silica and Vitamin C in cucumber help in skin cleansing in summer. Add cucumber in your diet for glowing skin.

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