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How to Get Toned Legs?

There’s something about those long legs that can drive both men and women crazy – men with desire and women with envy. A lot of women are blessed with legs that are overall longer than their torsos which, according to studies, are more appealing.

If you are one of those unfortunate few upon whom Mother Nature forgot to endow her blessing, do not crib as we elucidate upon how to get perfect legs that will guarantee a second look, if not a lingering first one.

Toned legs are hot!
Bulky legs can seldom look hot; flab actually makes longer legs appear dwarfed. However, it does not mean that ample bodied women can not have those perfect legs, far from it! Marilyn Monroe effectively testifies to that statement. More than the size of the legs, what matters is how toned and celluloid free they are.

So, you want to know how to get toned legs? The answer is something that you’re already aware of – exercise. The only way to tone them is by following an exercise regime. Sprinting, cycling, running and interval training can go a long way in achieving those perfect toned legs.

Regular Grooming

You might just have the perfect toned legs but scars, dehydrated skin, unshaven legs can make it look repulsive. Here are a few grooming tips that answers your ‘how to get toned legs’ concern.
1. Wax/shave your legs often. There’s nothing worse than wearing a pretty black dress revealing those masculine hairy legs!
2. Take care of your legs, moisturize them after every shower.
3. Exfoliate the dead skin using a good scrub at least once in two weeks.

Can’t make it? Fake it

There are quick fix ways if you are seeking answers to how to get perfect legs instantly.
1. Wear shorter dresses and skirts. Revealing a good part of the leg creates illusionary long legs. However, make sure that the dress is not too uncomfortably short.

2. Leg makeup including shimmer and bronzer can instantly turn those boring dull legs into red carpet glossy legs.

3. Heels, heels, heels! Wearing the right heel that compliments your height can be a great boost for the legs and make it appear elongated. If you do not have the habit of wearing heels, do not parade out in six inches; practice first.

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