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Mum records toddler’s ‘last words’ before surgery which could claim her voice

A mother said she recorded her daughter’s “last words” after she was told life-saving surgery would mean she may never speak again.

A parent residential in a Liverpool feel her daughter had facing some problem regarding her health. She is just 3.5-year-old named Nuala Carson girl suddenly suffered headaches, vomiting bouts and was walking on her toes for two years before doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumour that needed to be removed.

The youngster was admitted to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where doctors said is, they did not operate Nuala would not live to see her fourth birthday on February 14, According to Mirror.

Before she had her operation, Naomi recorded Nuala reading the children’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, after she was told surgery may cause her to lose her voice. But fast forward 11 months and Nuala, who is now four, has made an amazing recovery.

Thankfully she can still speak after the surgery which was successful in removing 100% of the tumour. Nuala has been registered blind since the operation and the right side of her body has been affected but Naomi said she is “happy and healthy”. And she also has twin’s sibling and now they are living happy life.

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