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Best Lip Colors for Dark Skin

Best Lip Colors

Lipstick ColorsMakeup is very important for women of all age, it is a tool in women hand to beautify and shape the looks,in desired manners. There are numbers of makeup article that are very important in giving women the complete beautiful look. Women love to adorn her with latest fashion trends. Firstly, it is needed that, what are the current fashion trends? What is in what is out? After knowing this, set your makeup plans according to your needs and latest trends. It is stated by the most of makeup artist that the “lipstick” is a vital makeup item for entire makeup looks.

Lipstick and skin color tones

All colors are not suitable for all skin color tones. The one color shade that is looking awesome on fair complexion will be a big makeup disaster on dark skin color tones. Similarly the dusky lip gloss and lip colors not look up to the mark on fair complexion. It is advised that always chose the makeup color shades according to your skin color tones. With intelligent selection of makeup colors you can enhance your beauty twice more.

Lipstick for dark skin

Previously it was considered that the good fair color tone is best to do makeup, but with the last decades the trend is completely changed. Both dark and fair skin color tones are equally served by the makeup art to enhance its beauty. Women with dark complexion can add beautiful colors on their face intelligently by following some simple tips.

Best “Lipstick” for dark skin

Dark complexion further categorizes into three tones, light, medium and dark. Women with darker skin tones can also wear bold shades that may overpower fairer skin, but the necessary is to keep in mind the occasion and place. No matter what your complexion is, too much gloss and bright lipstick is still a makeup oops for a regular office environment. Evenings and nighttime is the best time to wear brighter and more dramatic shades. Following are preferred lip shades according to the three dark complexion color tone categories.

Light Color Lipstick

If your skin falls into the lighter range of dark skin tone the colors like deep pink, shades of peach, sizzling taupe and deep red will look good choice in lipstick for dark skin. Always use the range of mentioned colors use for your routine and occasions.

Medium Color

Medium Color Lipstick for Dark Skin

For your medium-toned skin the rose red would be an awesome choice in lipstick for dark skin, if you want to look bright another option is deep pink. Bronze always look highly majestic on such color tone. Magenta suits in every condition on this complexion type. All shades of brown are suitable for office and daily makeup routine.

Dark Colors Lips

Dark Lips

If your skin is dark and rich, don’t get panic the colors like deep red, magenta and the shades of brown are there to make your lips beautiful. These are with little difference in color tones are recommended for both medium to dark color complexion in lipstick for dark skin.

Re-arrange your preconceptions

It was stated that the bright lip colors are the property of fair skin,but don’t think like this just because of your darker skin color. Through away the idea that you can’t wear colors those look fabulous on fair skin. Be willing to the experiments. If you are keeping the idea that you cannot wear the bright shades of pink or peach, go to the cosmetic store or the makeup experts. You would definitely find the proper shade that you can wear heartily. There you may find lipstick colors for your dark skin that you never thought to wear. Pink and red shades that considered to flatter all skin tones, as you thought you could never wear pink, but when you find the right shade, you will see that you can definitely wear it and look fabulous in it.

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