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Easy Makeup Tips to Make you Look Younger

Easy Makeup Tips to for Look Younger

Easy Makeup Tips to for Look YoungerMake up is a magic trick; it can make you look younger, older, glamorous and decent. It just depends on the person how he wants to present herself. As make up also helps to hide our certain flaws, it also helps to accentuate your features. A mere sweep of a brush or light pink color gloss can erase approximately five years from your age. So, here are some makeup tips to make you look younger:

1. Dark Circles and Sun Spots

Dark circles and sun spots makes the skin look older. To hide these spots one should apply anti dark circles cream to get rid from these dark circles forever. The other way out from this problem is the concealer. You should buy a concealer that matches the color of your dark circles or a little lighter. Apply these around your eyes and you will see the difference.

2. Base and Face Powder

Another makeup trick to get rid from the sun spots or other spots on your skin, apply base and face powder on your skin. It will give a more youthful than the previously covered complexion.

3. Eyelash Curler

Open your eyes with the help of an eyelash curler. Curly lashes immediately makes the eyes “pop out”. Mascara gives a natural look and also turns back the clock. Adding mascara and a light creamy eye shadow make your eyes look bigger and younger.

4. Rosy Pink Lipsticks

Nude lipsticks make your face look dull and aged. To give a youthful and younger touch to your lips, apply rosy pink shades. Rosy pink shades looks good on every type of skin tone; dark, medium or fair.

5. Creamy Rosy Blush-On

Another trick to looking younger is to apply creamy rosy blush-on on your cheeks to enhance your cheek Bones. Moreover It Also Brightens Your Skin Tone.

6. Rosy Lip Liner

The natural lip line disappears with growing age. So, after applying a rosy pink lipstick, don’t forget to put a rosy lip line to outline your lips. This will make you look younger and also helps the lipstick to stay for longer.

7. Stylish Haircut

To give a younger look, get a haircut. Bangs and shoulder length hair erase off years.  Make sure that keeping your hair between your shoulder and your chin makes your face look younger and beautiful rather than a side bun.

8. Eye Brow Plucking

Don’t ever over pluck your eye brows; it makes your face look sharp and arrogant. Avoid over plucking once you hit 30’s. If you have thin eye brows, then apply eye brow pencil on your eyes.

9. Using Eye Pencil

Another makeup trick to make you look younger is to use eye pencil instead of an eye liner.

10. Eye Shadows

As you grow older, less is more when it comes to makeup. So, don’t overdo your makeup. Use lighter shades in eye shadows as well to make your eye look young.

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