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Infidelity makes Tiger Woods crouch for an apology

Infidelity makes Tiger Woods crouch for an apology

Spot Celebrity Tiger Woods is a golfing legend infamous for record title earning at a young age. Tiger Woods has also managed to earn endorsement deals at a record pace. From Nike to Gillette, Tiger Woods has been associated brand names that believe in no-compromise imaging.

Recently Tiger Woods made headlines, which is nothing new, but these headlines were for infidel behavior. Tiger Woods made a public apology for irresponsible behavior, and also he has announced he will be taking indefinite time off professional golf ‘to be a better husband, better father and a better person.’ Following this announcement there has been much hue and cry globally. Gillette has already made an announcement of how Tiger Woods won’t be part of any future campaigns for them. Tiger Woods has been ruled out as being continued as the face for ‘the best a man can get.’ On the other hand Nike has been more positive in leaving Tiger Woods personal life out of business. Sources say Nike wants Tiger Woods back in golf soon so they can have him back on board endorsing Nike as he has been for some time now. Nike is already excited about his triumphant return which they are sure will be soon.

Celebrities have been dragged through dirt especially in media before and specifically for infidelity lots of time. But they all survive, so will Tiger Woods, we hope.

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