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Make-up Tips to Make your Teeth Appear Whiter

Make-up Tips for Teeth

Hair and makeup artist Diane Dusting shares her top tips for countering yellow teeth.

How to Make Whiter Teeth

1. Choose the right lipstick

A blue-based lipstick, such as a plum colour, will counteract any yellowness in the teeth. For Mad Men red lips and to achieve longlasting lip colour, I do the following for all my clients if they’re attending a red carpet event:

  • Line lips with Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner in clear as this prevents the lipstick from bleeding. Then use Revlon Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Royal Raisin or Superb Sangria — this primes the lips and is a great bluebased colour. Apply a coat of my favourite product of the moment, Ultra Red Pigmented Gloss. It really moisturises your lips. (Product from make-up guru Martin Bray’s* Pro Range.)

  • To finish this nighttime look, I like to use Chanel’s Ombres Contraste Duo pearlised eye shadow, which is on the cooler side. Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner in Black and Yves Saint Laurent’s (YSL) Volume Effer Faux Cils in black mascara rounds off the 50s look.

2. Find your perfect gloss

Avoid peach and caramelised toned lip-glosses as they’ll emphasise any yellow marks on your teeth. Opt for a blue toned dusty pink. My new favourite is a beautiful pigmented gloss called Pink #2258 from Martin Bray’s Pro Range.

Tips: Some natural lip tones don’t have enough pigment to them so give your lips that extra boost of intensity, try 2-in-1 crème stain for cheeks and lips by Becca Cosmetics. This is a great choice of product because it suits all skin tones. You can apply to cheeks and lips for a pop of colour – this is a day look but also makes teeth appear lighter.

3. Take care with fake tan

Make sure your spray tan is not too orange or your teeth will look the same. I recommend you don’t spray your face at all. Only get a tan from the neck down as this can affect the colour of your foundation and ultimately throw off the colour of your teeth.

4. Make your eyes pop and your teeth will shine

Cooler shades, like purples and greens, on the eye lids will help deflect any yellow from the teeth. I have been using YSL’s quad of pigmented purple and green eyes shadows as there tones tend to look great on most eyelids.

5. Wear a taupe bronzer

Steer clear of warm toned bronzers and opt for a more like taupey toned bronzer like Nars Laguna. Your teeth will look shiny and white. Another illuminator I love is Becca’s Skin Perfecter in Pearl as this works with most skin tones. Apply to the cheekbones and halfway down the bridge of the nose. This product melts into the skin and looks very natural and in the end your teeth really sparkle – no expensive whitening products needed. – lifestyle.yahoo

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