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Know the Lip Make up Application and get the Maximum Beauty Spark

know the lips make up application and get the maximum beauty spark

know the lips make up application and get the maximum beauty sparkOur lips are our asset. They are the most appealing facial feature of our face. If your lips are dry, torn, and stiff and not shinny, they’ll sap the charm out of your face. Make up artists insist on lip care and good make up application since lips can make or break your beauty magic. Pinkish, fresh and soft lips are the fascinating feature a woman can feel proud of.

For having your desired lips beauty .You have to caress, love and moisturize them more and more. Yes, moisturizing is one of the basic make up application tip since if you apply make up on dried and torn lips then it will look incomplete. So before starting your make up, moisturize your lips very well with lip palms and any other moisturizing cream.

Once your lips absorb the needed moisture, you’re ready to apply your lip make up. Before applying lip make up you have to be careful about your lips shape. Full lips are just perfect if you are having full lips which have both upper and lower lips equal then you are lucky women. Dark red, maroon, pink and brown colors are recommended for the full lipped women. Remember that women having full lips do not require any sort of lip liner to define the lips shape since it’s very well defined naturally.

If you have thin lips then you need a little treatment since thin lips only looks good on very few faces. To make your thin lips look beautiful and having a gorgeous spark you need to define their shape with lip liner. There are many colors of lip liner available in market, but brown shades are recommended for thin lips for brown merge itself “naturally” with almost every shade of lip stick you use.

After defining the lip make up area for thin lips put your favorite color of lip stick. Once you identify your lip shape and applied lip stick now its time to remove the excess by grapping a tissue in between your lips. You can apply more lip stick now or you can put a lip glow to give your beautiful lips more stunning and fresh shinny look.

Applying lip make up is not that easy you have to build a better sense of colors for different occasions like we suggest you to put pink lip gloss palm while you are in office or at home. Lip palm gloss not only lasts for long but it also moisturizes and gives a shinny pinkish look to your lips all day long.

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