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10 Real-Girl Halloween Makeups That Are Terrifyingly Gorgeous

Girls Halloween Makeup

Halloween MakeupWe consider ourselves among the Halloween Makeup experts, but even we have to admit that these Reddit users have our skills beat. Some of these real-girl makeup creations have us cringing in terror (especially the demented clown), and it’s all done with eye shadows, body paint, false lashes, and incredible talent. This is the creepiest makeup artistry we’ve ever seen, but we’re already getting renewed inspiration for our costume this year.Enraged Elsa

1: Enraged Elsa

Warrior Princess Costume

2: Siamese Twins

Seeing Eyes Makeup

3: All-Seeing Eyes

Scaly Seawoman Makeup

4: Scaly Seawoman

Opulent Owl Makeup

5: Opulent Owl

Elf Eyes Makeup

6: Elf Eyes

Hungry Hellion Makeup

7: Hungry Hellion

Evil Eyes Makeup

8: Evil Eyes

Comical Crying Makeup

9: Comical Crying

Grotesque Gash Makeup

10: Grotesque Gash

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