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7 Homemade Facial Cleansers

With so many facial cleansers available in the market, it often becomes difficult to choose one that works well for your skin. So, how do you opt for a safe route?

Try homemade facial cleansers. They are safe, effective, and make you glow better minus the chemicals. Here are some tried-and-tested options.

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  1. Oil does it well

Yes, you heard it right. All kinds of skin benefit from the goodness of good oils. For this cleansing method, mix extra virgin olive oil and castor oil in equal quantities. Apply the mixture on the face including eyelids.

Take a washcloth and soak it in hot water (as hot as your skin can tolerate but remember the washcloth will cool down quickly). Place the soaked cloth on your face and let the steam do its magic to your skin.

After about a minute, wipe your face with the washcloth to remove excess oil. This cleansing method also doubles up as an excellent makeup remover. Skin feels good, nourished, and definitely not greasy.

  1. Honey weaves magic

If your skin feels dry and you want a suitable cleanser to nourish it, try the honey with a cream natural cleanser. Mix honey with cream or even a little whole milk, apply it to your face and gently rub it in.

Rinse off with warm water. Alternatively, if your sky is very oily; simply substitute milk or cream with lemon juice and watch out for miraculous results.

  1. Honey rules again

This time honey mixes with egg yolk and almond oil to show the magic. Mix one teaspoon of honey and paste of 6 almonds to one egg yolk. Apply all over the face and neck and leave it to dry. Wash with tepid water for amazing results. All three ingredients nourish skin and make you glow.

  1. Kitchen to the rescue

Rush to the kitchen. Pick up half a cup of chickpea flour, half a cup of raw milk, and one teaspoon of turmeric. Mix them well to form a paste. Apply the paste on your face and rinse it off in two minutes.

The cleanser is all-natural, easy to make, and even rids skin of blemishes and acne since turmeric has the ability to kill germs.

  1. Peaches and oatmeal make an exceptional combination

Take one ripe peach and mash the fruit well. To this mash, add oatmeal powder and honey and the consistency of the paste must be thin enough to spread but thick enough to trickle after application.

Wait for a few minutes before rinsing off with cold water. Get naturally clean and clear skin with this natural and nourishing facial cleanser.

  1. Say goodbye to blackheads

Blackheads are a common problem but they can be eliminated with an effective cleanser. Mix sea salt and honey to form a paste. Apply the paste on the face especially the nose area where blackheads are prominent. Scrub it for 5 mins and then rinse it off with cold water. Moisturize to avoid dryness.

  1. Oranges also come in handy

Dry orange peels and grinds them to a fine powder. Now, to this powder; add milk and cream and make a paste. Apply on the face. Leave for 5 minutes and wash with tepid water. Repeat periodically for exceptional results.

Homemade facial cleansers are natural, use simple ingredients, and are safe. Begin using them early and regularly for best results.

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