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4 Makeup Tips for Pale Skin

Having a pale skin does cause problems as skin tends to look dull and lifeless. However, makeup can make pale skin look good. Right makeup tricks can make pale skin look radiant and sexy. Do you want to know more about makeup tips for pale skin? Then read on.

1. Use a tinted foundation

Use a tinted moisturizer before applying the foundation. This helps to smooth out the skin. Then use a tinted foundation on face. Tinted foundation is better for pale skin, as it helps to give a natural shine on skin. However, do not apply too much of foundation, as it tends to make the skin look dull. Lighter shades in foundation are good for pale skin as they give a natural effect to skin. Do not use darker shades on pale skin; this will not suit the skin. Apply a concealer if the skin is too pale or fair.

2. Apply a good blush

To make pale skin look great, apply a pink colored blush. This suits the skin and gives a natural glow to the skin. Choose blush with lighter shades for pale skin. Use a brush to give perfect strokes to cheekbones. Also, apply a bronzer on your face. This can be applied on party occasions. A bronzer shade gives a natural effect, which tends to hide the pale skin complexion.

3. Apply neutral shades for eye shadow

Apply neutral shades for eye shadow if you have a pale skin. Apply base eyeliner and use neutral colors in eye shadows like gold and brown. Avoid bright colors in eye makeup as it will make the eyes look brighter. Apply a great volume mascara to get the right look for eye makeup. Simple eye makeup is good for pale skin.

4. Apply bright colors on lips

For pale skin, bright colors can be applied on lips. Brighter shades of red and maroon brings out the real beauty of lips. A lip liner can be applied of similar shade before applying a lipstick. Lip-gloss can be applied for party occasions. Avoid wearing light colors on lips, as it tends to look dull on pale skin.

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