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Pretty and Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is one occasion in which you don’t have to get clothes made and look pretty. This vital part of the event makes it so happening because you see everyone dressed as some scary thing Every year we all know what we plan to be on the Halloween. Some people plan on being bloody mary while some like being the scary doll.The one thing that makes you look like the character is the right halloween makeup. Most of the time people hesitate on applying outrageously wild Halloween makeup but let me tell you the real wow-effect to your attire come from the accurate Halloween makeup Here are a few Halloween makeup ideas for men, women and kids. Just to add a little scarier to your scary look. Trust me all you need to do is a little preperation with some mess with hair and Halloween Makeup trials at home.

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas are as Follows:

  • 1. Anime Make Over: I think it is the easiest Halloween makeup to do. You can pick any of the anime characters and get going.
  • 2. Mime Faced Halloween Makeup: One of the easiest to do with its costumes availability.
  • 3. Vigilante Halloween Makeup: This is easy if you want creativity without issues of looking overdone. Just pick any costume from your wardrobe, recreate it and enhance your looks with the right Halloween makeup.
  • 4. A Dirty Make Over: One of the best things about halloween makeup idea is that you don’t have to do things the appropriate way, A makeup disaster eventually makes you look scary. Hence this can work for you.
  • 5. Magnificent Manga Makeup: This is quite spectacular in a way that for this you can be little colourful and heavy on costume.
  • 6. Scary Doll: This is my favorite Halloween character. Not because of the attire but the halloween makeup. For this you need to have good shades of peaches and pink for the cheeks. This will give you a nice innocent and sweet look for halloween.
  • 7. Halloween Zombie: This is the most commonest makeup ideas. Again you don’t have to work on the costume much but the Halloween make up for this revolves around bloody eyes with a lot of kohl and messed up hair.
  • 8. The Vampire: After Twilight everyone wants to mimic Edward Cullen and Bella swan to lurk this year.
  • 9. Halloween Makeup with a Matching Pumpkin: Now this works best for kids. Gives the complete scary pretty cute look. Paint face like a pumpkin and hold a pumpkin in hand.
  • 10. Simple Halloween Makeup: These include name like Tinker bell, Disney Princess and games of thrones. This type involves the easy to do designs that can bring out the character you wanna wear. Tinker bell or fairy look is easily recognizable as long as you put plenty of glitters, light colors.

These are a few ideas that can help you plan on what’s continent for you this Halloween. Remember the right Halloween makeup can do wonders for your costume Not only are the Halloween party decorations and food preparations difficult but also they require  a lot of hard work and zeal and zest too Happy Halloween.

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