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How to Make an Effective Hair Oil at Home

Your hair can make or mar your looks. Beautiful and shiny hair enhances your beauty and makes you look gorgeous. But to get good hair, you obviously need to take a lot of care. One of the best ways to pamper you hair is through using nourishing oils. There are ways to make effective hair oils at home too. Read on to know how:

1. Jasmine Hair Oil

For making Jasmine hair oil, collect a good quantity of Jasmine flowers, probably around 100-120. You need to soak them in water, but make sure the water is at room temperature. Now cover this mixture with a properly fitting lid and let it remain like this for at least two nights.

The result of this soaking will be that the oil from the flowers will get released into the water, resulting in an oily layer drifting beautifully on the water. All you need to do now is to simply remove the flowers and apply the oily mixture to your hair.

Besides adding shine to your hair, this will act like a great hair aroma therapy leaving your hair fragrant and beautiful.

2. Hibiscus Hair Oil

Hibiscus is very popular in hair care. This is because of its amazing properties. It naturally conditions your hair, leaving them beautiful and shiny. You can make this beneficial oil at home. For making the hibiscus hair oil, take around 10-12 Hibiscus flowers and dip them in around a liter of coconut oil.

Now find a good place outdoors and keep it so that you can sun-dry them. Let the flowers dry out completely. Now heat this mixture and let it cool. You can now use your Hibiscus Oil. You can apply this oil every other day.

So use these hair oils to give shine and style to your hair. But do take proper precautions while preparing the products at home.

Also consult your doctor before starting with hair care treatment at home. If you are already suffering from some hair condition that needs attention, then get it resolved first before trying out new products made at home.

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