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Dem War on Trump’s Economy Begins With Massive Climate Bill

Democrats are preparing to not simply declare war on the magnificent economy that Donald Trump built in just three short pre-COVID years, they are going to completely nuke it into oblivion.

House Dems are preparing the “CLEAN Future Act,” a cornucopia of left-wing climate change insanity that will provide neither a ‘clean’ future or, for the vast majority of Americans, a profitable one.

“The CLEAN Future Act promises that we will not stand idly by as the rest of the world transitions to clean economies and our workers get left behind, and that we will not watch from the sidelines as the climate crisis wreaks havoc on Americans’ health and homes,” said Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee that is working on the bill.

First and foremost, this isn’t a “jobs” bill like Democrats claim it is; it’s a job-killing bill in the mold of Joe Biden signing dozens of executive orders aimed at ending the energy independence we achieved under Trump and turn the country into larger versions of the Texas power grid failure last month (nothing against Texas, mind you, but the grid failed because of the same lame ‘clean energy alternatives’ this new legislative monstrosity will mandate).

The Washington Times reports on the size and scope of the bill:

The legislation is considered nothing short of revolutionary by both climate-change advocates and skeptics. Tucked into its 981 pages is a step-by-step formula to remake the U.S. economy and reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the same goal set by the Paris Climate Agreement from which former President Trump withdrew and that Mr. Biden rejoined in the first hours of his presidency.

The bill dictates the U.S. will have a 100% “clean” — carbon-free — electricity standard by 2035. To accelerate the transition, all retail electricity suppliers must reach at least 80% clean energy by 2030 and all-electric utilities must offer some form of solar power to customers.

And, like all Democratic legislation, this one empowers government not the private sector; specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency will be given new powers to ‘enforce’ (that is, harass and fine) private retail energy producers, the Times reports.

Now, here’s the ‘Texas kicker,’ so to speak: The technology to make all of this ‘clean energy’ happen by 2035 doesn’t exist at the moment. Worse, the attempt to make the country come into compliance will create widespread Texas (and California)-style outages more frequently because there simply won’t be enough power to meet demand.

And an economy that must have power to thrive…won’t.

“Wind power and solar won’t be enough,” Steve Milloy, director of the Heartland Institute, told the Times.

“It would be one thing if there was some new technology that would make the transition easy, but there is not at the moment,” Milloy added. “How are we going to replace all the nuclear plants, the natural gas facilities, and the coal mines we have with an alternative that will work just as well?”

Now, are Democrats really serious about a clean environment? Or is this just another ploy to funnel money to constituency groups?

If you guessed the latter, pat yourself on the back. Per the Times, the legislation

Mandates that 40% of all federal funds provided in the bill go to “environmental justice communities” or communities of color disproportionately impacted by climate change. It also requires “environmental justice training” for employees at federal agencies.

Got that? Nearly half of all the money this bill will consume goes to minority communities because they are someone more impacted by ‘climate change’ than white people. How that will make an iota’s worth of difference impacting the climate is beyond any rational person’s ability to understand.

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