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Hosting a Spa Party for Spa Treatment

When comes to hosting a Spa Party, budget, number of guests and Spa treatment options are a big question mark. Once decided these factors, arranging a Spa Party is no more an issue.

If money is not a big problem and number of guest are limited, the best suited venue for your Spa Party would be a Day Spa where you can avail expert Spa treatments with the best suited products.

Why a Day Spa??

Choosing a Day Spa as venue of your Spa Party can serve you with many advantages. Such as

  • Many Day Spa facilities can host a Spa Party for your guests provided you have a minimum number of guests, and reserve both the Spa treatments and the facility in advance. It is relaxing enough for the actual Spa Party host too.
  • Many Day Spa facilities have a dedicated room for Spa Party arrangements.This is a private suite complete with secluded patio, fireplace and vaulted ceiling, ideal for a Spa Party of up to 10 guests.
  • At a Day Spa, you can avail several Spa Treatment options for your Spa Party such as Aromatherapy Massage, Scalp Spa treatment, Special Spa treatment for hands and feet, body polishing Spa Treatment, Salt Glow Scrub, Aromatherapy facial, etc. Without arranging for thousands of products used in these Spa Treatments.
  • Using a Day Spa as your Spa Party venue is very useful for its thematic Spa decorations which otherwise you have to make yourself.

Creating a Home Spa Party Event:

Those who are crafty and innovative always prefer to arrange for Home Spa Party instead of arranging one at Day Spa. By crafty people we mean those who prefer the idea of turning their house into a Day Spa for the afternoon, and who want to relish the attention which is sure to be lavished upon them when they open the doors and the guests see their newly created Day Spa Environment.

The tip of the day for your Home Spa Party is that If you’re a crafty person, you can set the stage for your guests to craft their own spa products under your watchful eye. You can provide base ingredients for different Spa Treatments such as foot baths, Aromatherapy facial, manicure, pedicure etc. Let your guests try their creativity or you can provide them with your special recipes for Spa Treatment products such as cherry lip gloss,  Pine scented eye soothers, Salt rubs and Hair Conditioners.

Another wonderful idea for your Home Spa Party is that convert your home into a Day Spa with decorations such as Candles—assortment of large ones to use as centerpieces, and votives and smaller candles placed around the room. Don’t underestimate the power of sunlight fading into evening in a room full of votive candles. You can get a lot of mileage from that simple trick.

Use soft soothing background music, scents, candles, potpourris, fresh flowers, and oils displayed in a decorative way so that your own home looks like the most exotic and luxurious Day Spa where there are homemade delicacies available for all sorts of Spa Treatments.

Keep the lunch and other refreshments light, fresh, non greasy and non sugary to suit the Spa Party’s soothing and refreshing theme.

Enjoy your Spa Party, feel relaxed and shed off the worldly tensions for the special afternoon of your Spa Party!

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