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The $11 Shampoo 26,000 People Trust to Keep Their Gray and Blonde Hair Shimmering

If you’re familiar with purple shampoo, you know that there’s a wide range of toning products out there with very different and sporadic results. Like most things, finding a worthwhile pigmented shower essential can come from personal recommendations. And who other than Jane Fonda herself would be better to trust with this topic? 

Her hairstylist gave InStyle the low-down on her Golden Globes hair, and among the many products that contributed to her look was an $11 purple shampoo — one that more than 26,000 people on Amazon have credited for keeping their gray or blonde hair shimmering and toned.

For those who didn’t tune in to watch the actress and activist accept her lifetime achievement award, take a quick peek at how radiant she looked.

Clearly, this is no ordinary purple shampoo. It’s perhaps the most popular and affordable option on the market.

On Amazon alone, it has nearly 18,000 perfect ratings and a near-perfect 4.4 stars. The sulfate-free product works on natural blondes, bleached locks, highlighted hair, and gray strands to gently morph brassy colors into cooler tones. Per the brand, using it just two to three times a week can prevent tresses from yellowing. 

This is the kind of showertime essential that can save you from making repeat visits to the salon for costly toning treatments or upkeep. In fact, many shoppers say that within one use you’re able to notice the difference it makes. 

“This toned my hair in one wash and removed all brassiness,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I’ll be sticking with this product as long as I’m blonde!”

Now we’re left wondering: Is there a lifetime achievement award for purple shampoos? If so, we’d like to see Miss Fonda present it to this product. Shop the essential for both blonde and gray manes below.

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