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Robert Pattinson fed-up with his fans

Robert Pattinson fed-up with his fans

Considering as the most wanted man of the world, the alarmingly handsome yet shy hero Robert Pattinson is now facing problems in handling his unlimited fans.
Although, Robert Pattinson is doing movies from his teenage, like ‘Harry Potter’ was one of his initials. However, after performing the inhumanly yet beautiful Edward Cullen character in the blockbuster movie ‘Twilight’, Robert gained immense fame & success, all over the world. Later on, Robert Pattinson appeared in the ‘Twilight’ Sega ‘New Moon’ and is still is a part of the series.
Besides them, Robert Pattinson is preparing to his another movie, ‘Remember Me’. During filming, about 3,500 fans showed up and became completely mad. He was continuously asked for kisses, autographs, and photographs. Furthermore, when he joked that the best way to grab his attention was to take clothes off, then to his much surprise one girl in the audience rapidly did so. Although, Robert Pattinson has officially announced & confirmed the speculations that he is dating Stewart, the ‘Twilight’ heroin; even then he has a large number of offers and ladies’ fans list. Robert Pattinson also shared that sometimes he become allergic of the females.
23 years old Robert Pattinson, always feel reserved in filming the love scenes, and is a perfect example of shy hotness; he is most famous for this character.

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