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Treat your Hair with Hot Oil Hair Massage

A healthy head of hair requires some care and routine to follow. Hot oil hair massage is optimum hair treatment for your hair to make them healthy and strong.

“The hair is the richest ornament of women” says Martin Luther and is right in his place because the way a woman holds her hair expresses her personality.

Types of hair

The hair type of each woman carries with her scalp. Some have straight, shiny,smooth, long and black hair while some have bushy, curly, frizzy ,rough and greasy  hair. Whatever the type of your hair, it needs time and attention to grow and stay in a healthy manner.

Effect of weather on hair

Other than the matter of type of your hair is weather conditions that effect your hair severely as they are delicate part of your body. Extreme cold weather, harsh wind or sun shine may damage outer layer of your hair resulting in dandruff or split ends.

Effect of hair styling equipments on hair

Extensive usage of heated rollers, dryer, hair perming, bleaching and hair irons evaporates hair moisture leaving them dry, harsh and weak.

Oils to be used

You can use a variety of oils available to you like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, avocardo, sesame, jasmine or mustard oil for massaging your hair or can go for herbal oils like amla hair oil.

Hot oil hair massage

Take ½ cup of any oil as above and ½ cup of boiling water.
Mix both in any jar and shake well until the oil is emulsified. Apply this hot oil on your hair then.

How to apply hot oil

Massaging the hair and scalp with hot oil cures many hair problems. For treating your hair with natural oils, take above emulsified hot oil. Using your finger tips make sections of your hair then apply oil into sections with finger tips carefully.

After oil is applied thoroughly, start massaging your scalp with tips of fingers gently. This slow and gentle motion warms up your scalp and opens blocked pores that makes the root of your hair strong and let your hairs grow well. Other than gentle massage, vigorous circulatory massage into scalp removes dead skin flakes, increases blood circulation, sooths nerves and reliefs stress.

After massaging your hair properly, wrap them with warm towl (soak in warm water and wring it) and leave for 8 hrs atleast or night long for better results.

This hot oil hair treatment once a week works miraculously and protects your damaged hair in a healthy way.

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