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Ideas for Drawing Room Decoration

Ideas for Drawing Room Decoration

Drawing room is an important part of the house especially when it comes to entertain the guests. Your drawing room is the only place which creates ambiance and look to your over all home.

Drawing room is always a difficult job whether it is big or small. But with so many decorative options available. You can innovate and experiment to achieve the look that embodies your taste.

Here are some exotic and splendor drawing room decoration ideas that can help you to decorate your drawing room as per your choice and taste.

  • Dark wood, tones of cream, off white and beige, carefully paired with elegant pieces is the best classic recipe if you want your drawing room that exudes a timeless charm.
  • By using something neutral shades spiced up with touches of gold will enhance the posh appeal of your drawing room.
  • Usually decoration of a large drawing room seems to be a difficult task as the vast space often tempts us to stock up on furniture and large ornaments. If the pieces are not parried up carefully or are stuffed for the sake of filling the space, your drawing room can end up looking like a cluttered furniture show room but don’t worry.
  • Here is an interesting solution to this. By placing just a single intricately carved console and a few ornaments against the main entrance wall, you can balance the look of the room and has created a specious feel despite the presence of heavy sofas and tables.
  • The sealing has also been given an interesting treatment, instead of placing two elegant sofa sets in a boring fashion, a mini- central seating arrangement complete with a small centre table has been desired to break the monotony of regular sofa arrangements.
  • You can also use gold sheets of the curtains, the paintings, crystal and wood ornaments to add character to your drawing room. Beside this, a classic heavy dining table set in the back drops of a show case of fine china and crystal complete the look of a modern drawing room.
  • Line plants are a rare sighing in drawing rooms. It will present a fresh approach in the decor as a mode of elevating the aesthetics of your drawing room.
  • Also try to accommodate splashes of bold prints, animated prints in your We heard so many times that first impression is the last impression and for the guests who never get allowed to move in your home, this is completely true. This is the place which depicts the overall taste and mood of your home and your personality too. It is all about impressing others by your style and choice. Decorating drawing room and you will be surprised at how much texture and personality they can add.
  • By using these unusual and aesthetic choices your drawing room reflects contemn parry yet chic majesty!! That’s all for now!

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