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Ideas for Short Hair Styles 2011

Though the fashion trends are changing rapidly in every aspect, but the attractive short hair styles have always been among the top choice. The short hair styles are not only one of the most manageable hair styles to carry, but they also offer a wide variety of options in styling. Despite of all the positive aspects of short hair styles, the decision of getting a short hair cut is a huge step for any woman. Before picking up short hair styles it is very important to consider your face shape. For instance, women with round faces should go for short hair styles that add volume to the crown so that their face looks longer. Our hair styles tips will recommend you to do proper research before ending up on the selection of short hair styles.

As the summer season has arrived, the demand of short hair styles has also increased. A wide variety of short hair styles offer diverse options for women. Some of the short hair styles that are very popular among the women are pixie cut and buzz cut. While short hair styles having pixie cut gives cuter look, buzz cut looks too dramatic. Both of these short hair styles are suitable for round faces along with the styling with side sweeping bangs. Moreover, the short hair styles having appropriate pixie cut have longer crown hair with front styled into bangs.

Though many new and striking short hair styles have been introduced in the world of hair styles, however, bob hair styles have not lost their popularity. When it comes to short hair styles with bob cut, there are plenty of options available for older women and teens. Young girls can go for short hair styles of bob by picking up an inverted sleek bob. You can also pair up the stylish short hair styles of bob cut with a blunt Cleopatra style bangs or side sweeping bangs.

Apart from short bob, the short hair styles also offer the option of layers along with bob. If you want to keep your hair till shoulder length then short hair styles like short layered bob or medium layered bob are very much suitable for you. Women with wavy or curly hair can sport short hair styles by getting lots of deep layers done in your hair and pair them up with blunt bangs.

Though, short hair styles look nice and funky, but it is important to select short hair styles according to your lifestyle and wearing suitability.

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