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How To Make A French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

how to make french braid hairstyles

If you’re tired of always wearing your hair the same way, down or in a ponytail, here is a hair tutorial for a simple braided updo that is very pretty and flattering. This hairstyle only takes a few minutes to do also, so busy moms and working women don’t have to worry about spending all day just to have beautiful hair. It’s a simple twist on the traditional french braid hairstyles and with the right hair accessories this pretty braided hairstyle even be dressed up to wear to dressier events.french braid hairstyles1. Start with Hair Loose and Down. It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight, washed or not…this hair tutorial works for everyone and actually looks pretty for all hair styles. Gently combs knots out of hair to make it easier to braid.french braid hairstyles2. Starting at the Crown, French braid hair, continuing until you reach the top of the neck. easy braided hairstyle3. Tie braided Hair Loosely. with a band or clasp so that the top is french braided and the rest is a ponytail.how to make a french braid hairstyles4. Wrap the Hair in a Ponytail. into a loose bun, and fix in place with pretty barrettes and clasps. You can also pull a few tendrils loose to frame the face and make the look more feminine.french braid hairstylesThis hair tutorial for a simply braided updo bun a great way to easily style your hair away from your face and offers variety for all those boring hair days, but is so easy to do it literally takes moments.

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