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I want to Be James Bond Villain: Karen Gillan

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Actress Karen Gillan says she would love to star as a villain in a James Bond movie. The 26-year-old ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actress joked that she hopes to use one of her unusual moves on series star Daniel Craig, reported BBC online. “My dad used to tell me when I was younger, ‘You don’t want to be a Bond girl, you want to be a villain’.Karen GillanThat stuck with me,” Gillian said. The actress recently suggested that her role as Amy Pond on ‘Doctor Who’ helped her when it came to filming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. “There are actually a lot of similarities because it’s sci-fi. There’s a lot of green screen and reacting to things that aren’t there, so I feel like I was trained up for it. “But the main difference is that everything is just bigger in scale. More set, more people, just a bigger budget,” he added.

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