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Home Remedies for Faster Hair Growth

Many experts suggest that there are not just a few home remedies when considering making hair growth faster. Many home remedies have been passed for future generations by our grandmothers andlearned people who believe in natural substances. The only way you can tell whether the home remedies to make hair growth faster is to test them to tell whether it works well on you or not.

Fact: Hair growth will be faster for a woman who is pregnant with a baby boy. But that matters less. Let’s just explore other good home remedies to make hair growth faster.

Onions: Add a bit of minced onion in the shampoo that you use daily. Let it be in your hair for about 15 minutes. Such home remedies make your hair growth faster and brings a shine to your hair too.

Lemon juice with onion: this remedy suits those women or even men who desire thicker hair and are noticing hair fall since a while. What they can do is take lemon juice along with minced onion and give a massage of this mixture on their scalp. It helps in making the hair growth faster.

Pepper Shampoo: This shampoo can be purchased online which is quite suitable to make your hair growth faster.

Sleeping with braids: One of the best and effective home remedies is to sleep you have made a nice and thick braid. It can be a bit loose too in the beginning since a lot of people can’t sleep with hair tied up. Eventually, by repeating this process over and over again, one will notice the results. Such home remedies reduce hair fall as well as make the hair growth faster by making them strong and healthy.

The moon: Many people believe that by trimming the edges of their hair on every waxing crescent of the moon will make

their hair growth faster. Such home remedies can be applied to check if they suit you as well.

Garlic and cinnamon: Home remedies for hair growth includes taking up an onion, cloves of garlic and 2-3 cinnamon sticks. Place these things in water and let it boil. Boil it for 15 minutes and apply the infused mixture for consecutive four days.  This will show excellent results for hair growth.

Aloe Vera with Honey: take hold of an aloe vera leaf and scrape off the precious gel from its stem part. This is the essential part which is good for skin problems too. Home remedies to make hair growth faster require usage of this particular leaf as well. Mix it with honey and apply it thoroughly on the scalp to see the immediate results for hair growth.

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