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Hair Care Tips in Winter

At last the bad hair spell bound of the autumn has surpassed and winter welcomes better hair.  Winter is a season for prevention. Prevention against colds and what people state is ‘blues’. Well there are certainly blues for the hair as well. Yes, folks today’s agenda is the hair care during winters. The bathing routine in winters requires the consumption of hot water. This hot water on one side provides the body with relaxations yet it damages our hair brutally. The usage of hot water baths squint and quench away the moisture out of the hair, leaving them dry and extremely fizzy.

These fizz later results into extensive tangles that disturb the momentum of the hair beauty! Not only this, hot water baths are the main source of dandruff during the winters. So let’s call this season a challenge for the hair to be maintained. Well, we are ready to take this challenge and today are going to present on tips for haircare during the winters for those long hairs of yours. People with shot care can also benefit from the tips. After all, hair is hair! So ladies there you go:

• Dry hair? Major problem? Let’s sort this problem off. Select a suitable conditioner for that hair of yours and use it regularly. This is to cover the damage of the hot water that has ben fizzing up your lately.

• Wash your hair with mild warm water. We recommend you to wash them with cold water. This cold water washing helps your hair to maintain the moisture and not damaging it up to the level, like the hot water does!

• Another tip is the application of Aloe Vera juice on the scalp. This again helps prevent the dry hair and dried scalp. Thus working up against the dandruff.

• You can maintain the moisture by application of mayonnaise on your hair. It contains essentials from egg and oils hence giving it the nutrition it requires in the winters.

• Massage raw milk on your hair for 60 minutes. It shines the hair and keeps it hydrated.

• Use the hot oil treatment for your hair. Especially treatment from the coconut oil during winters.

• Apply the mixture of Methi leaves, black pepper, a few drops of lemon juice and salt. Mix them together and drink  it to enhance the growth of the hair during the winters.

• Brush the hair before going to bed. It increases the blood circulation in the scalp which helps in maintain the hair.

• To prevent the split ends in winter apply olive oil and take steam over it. This is to prevent the split ends and this the maintenance of hair during winters.

• To get rid of the dandruff problem, apply the paste of jigger, curd and Melanin mitti onto your scalp almost 60 minutes before shampooing. This decreases the dandruff. So, these are the tips for the treatment of long strong hair during winters. This prevents them from damage and thus makes them tips. We wish that strong throughout the season. So there you go with the tips maintaining we wish you all the best. Happy Maintaining!

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