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Home Remedies To Make My Hair Long and Silky

Home Remedies for Silky Hair

Home Remedies for HairLong and silky hair is a dream of every woman. All women want their hair to be the most beautiful, soft and attractive among the others. To fulfill the dream of having silky hair, most of us spent a lot on expensive products available in the market with high claims to be the best. However mostly, the dream of acquiring beautiful silky hair ends in disappointment. If you really want to enjoy luscious silky hair and don’t want to waste your money, the best way is to try home remedies to make hair long and strong. Following are some of the beneficial home remedies that you can follow at your home to get beautiful, long and shiny hair.

Coconut Oil

Using Coconut oil is one of the cheapest and best home remedies to keep hair in the best condition. To get long and silky hair, massage coconut oil on your scalp and leave it for twenty minutes.

Coconut Oil with Onions

One of the wonderful home remedies for beautiful silky hair is to boil some coconut oil with small onions. Let the mixture heated for twenty minutes. Apply the mixture and wash it after 30 minutes with green gram powder or water obtained after boiling rice and enjoy silky hair.


If you want to have shiny and silky hair, you can surely have them with the help of vinegar. Add a few drops of vinegar to warm water and rinse your long and shiny hair with this solution. This will surely add life to your silky hair and give life to your bouncy hair.

Egg Mask

Egg Mask is one of the miraculous home remedies for having bouncy and silky hair. Take one egg white and mix it well with castor oil and glycerin. Apply this mixture on hair and scalp and rinse it after 20 minutes. You will definitely see a positive change in your hair feeling the beauty of long and silky hair.

Steam Towel Wrap

Enjoying a steam towel wrap is simply one of the hassle-free home remedies for having beautiful hair. All you need is a towel soaked in warm water. Wrap the towel around your hair for about 30 minutes. This procedure will opens the closed pores in scalp so that oiling can result in beautiful silky hair by soaking in the scalp.

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