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6 Tips on How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow

Long, beautiful thick eyelashes render a natural accentuated appearance. Without disturbing the natural balance, you can make your eyelashes longer and thicker. The process can test your patience but when you get the desired look, you will not have to rely on artificial extensions anymore. Here are 6 tips on how to make your eyelashes grow.

  1. Use combs for brushing eyelashes

Yes, you can actually find little combs that are meant for your delicate eyelashes. You might never think about combing your eyelashes but this is an easy technique that helps them grow. You can do this before you put on mascara.

  1. Be sure to remove your eye makeup

Taking care of your eyes does not mean applying cleansers and makeup. You must have a lot of water and include Vitamin A enriched food in your diet. Before you go to bed, always make it a point to remove your makeup with cotton and cleansing lotion.

  1. Apply Vaseline on your eyelashes

All you need to do is light strokes of Vaseline application with a cotton stick or mascara brush before you go to bed. This simple technique will help your lashes grow longer and thicker. The benefits will not be visible over a few days but you will notice them doing this regularly.

  1. Use natural oils

Not only does oil work magic for hair growth, but also helps your eyelashes become thicker and longer. You can use olive, jojoba, and castor containing vitamins, minerals, and lengthening agents to moisturize your lashes and give yourself the desired look.

  1. Use a lash accelerator

Rather than using regular mascara, you can find a lash accelerator at any cosmetic store but make sure you buy a trusted brand. Lash accelerator will give you those long, beautiful lashes that you want.

  1. Try vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E helps boost eyelashes’ growth. You can either apply Vitamin E lotion externally, or take them in the form of pills, with the recommendation of a doctor. This will give you better and faster results.

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