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Top 10 Cosmetic Brands for Skin Acne

Acne Cosmetics

Acne is a skin disease that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles.Acne commonly occurs at the age of puberty when the oil glands come to life. Any type of cosmetic product applied on acne skin looks bad. Makeup when applied on the skin should always look subtle so, that it gives a natural look. Here is the list of best cosmetic brands for skin acne:

1. Clinique

Acne Treatment Products

Clinique is one of the best cosmetic brands of the world because it holds the distinction by regarding its products as no allergy products. The products of Clinique are recommended by dermatologists to people who have sensitive skin or have acne on their skin. Clinique products vary across countries. In other words, Clinique products are customized because people have different needs all over the world due to change in climate.

2. MAC

Acne Treatment Products

MAC is an abbreviation for make-up art cosmetics founded by Frank Oscan and Frank Angelo. MAC being one of the most widely known and best cosmetic brands is famous for its great collection of cosmetic products. MAC has a huge market because it does not only target a small chunk of people rather it target the market as a whole catering to the needs of all cosmetic consumers.

3. Maybelline

Acne Treatment Products

Maybelline is also widely known all over the world and is also considered one of the best cosmetic brands of the world. Maybelline makeup is basically for women, who have to go to parties every other day as Maybelline products do not harm the skin even if its products are used on daily basis.


Vita C Serum

Skin care brand ATZEN specifically deals with skin related issues and promises to make skin radiant, elastic and healthier. The paraben free ingredients in Atzen slow down the aging along with targeting acne and other skin problems. This derma-approved range of skin care products are formulated for acne-affected skin. So those worried for skin scars, pimples and spots must try Atzen products.

5. Oriflame

Acne Treatment Products

Oriflame is the brand of two Swedish brothers founded in 1967. It is also one of the best cosmetic brands because of its skin care products. Its products are used in more than 60 countries because its skin care products are very effective. Other than being a successful brand, it is also associated with various charity events.

6. CoverGirl

Acne Treatment Products

CoverGirl is an American based best cosmetic brand famous for its advertisement campaigns. CoverGirl spends a great amount of money on advertisements and has hired fashion models like Tyra Banks and Christie Brinkley for this purpose. The celebrities not only publicize the products but also use it.

7. Avon

Acne Treatment Products

AVON is the company for women because it is one of the largest direct selling brands. Due to this, it is one of the best cosmetic brands of the world. It sells its cosmetic and skin care products in more than 150 countries. AVON has adopted strategies like door to door selling to cater the needs of all the consumers.

8. Revlon

Acne Treatment Products

One of the oldest and best cosmetic brands is Revlon. People all over the world still Revlon which shows that the new emerging brands have still not been able to get Revlon’s market. Revlon is not only famous for its cosmetic products; it has also introduced its skin care products which are being used in many saloons now.

9. Etude

Acne Treatment Products

Etude being a South Korean brand has emerged in a very short period of time and is considered one of the best cosmetic brands because it does not only produces the best quality but also caters to the needs of not only the working woman but housewives as well.

10. L’Oreal

Acne Treatment Products

In 2013, L’Oreal was regarded as one of the best cosmetic brands because of its availability of products all over the world. L’Oreal foundation and concealer are two of the top used cosmetic products in the world.

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