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Best Cosmetics Brand For 2012

Best Cosmetics Brand for 2012

Best Cosmetics Brand

With the changing trends of 2012, cosmetics brands have entirely changed their colour palettes, finishes and products look and feel. It’s natural to seek for the best cosmetics whenever the fashion tide turns with the new season as everyone needs new add ons to the dressing drawers along with the routine wardrobe update.

The fashion weeks and ramps are the first place where the newness gets introduced and forms a fashion tide. Ramps are the real platform where make up trends are set.The best cosmetics brands therefore are seen introducing new trends to be followed. We see various colour shades along with the changed textures and finishes. Following is a list of the best cosmetics that celebrities and models seem to adhere to in 2012.

L’Oreal Paris – An Ideal Cosmetics Brand For 2012:

L’Oreal is famous for being a trendsetter. Keeping up the tradition, L’Oreal has introduced the best cosmetics for this year as well. The spring and summer shades with an ultimate cooling effect and an all skin friendly finish are seen everywhere in the supermarkets. Their sales graph is therefore beyond expectations.

L’Oreal is a cosmetics brand which is famous all over the world. L’Oreal’s best cosmetics for 2012 cater women of all ages, all skin types and colour tones. The variety of colour shades is so wide that one is sure to get confused while selecting when comes to L’Oreal lip colours, eye shadows or nail varnishes. It’s being pocket friendly is another reason that places L’Oreal at the pedestal of ‘an ideal cosmetics brand for 2012’.

Estee Lauder’s Best Cosmetics Collection For 2012:

Estee Lauder is a cosmetics brand that is making its mark by fighting the competitive range of the best cosmetics availabilities all over the globe. Estee Lauder has become every woman’s ideal cosmetics brand for 2012. Reason is the quality and the unmatched outlook you achieve when apply. Estee Lauder is famous for being the most glamorous and funky among the other cosmetics brands for 2012.

The world’s gone crazy for the latest Estee Lauder sumptuous two tone eye opening maskara – having black on on one end and a contrasting colour on the other.

“The simple trick of using two different shades — darker on top, lighter on the bottom — work together to really open up the eyes,” explains Pecheux – The brand’s creative makup director.

Clinique’s Fashion Week Lipstick – The Hot Cake Of 2012’ best cosmetics:

Clinique – the real cosmetics brand for 2012 – has the privilege of introducing a coral lip hue for the Karen Walker Spring’12 Fashion Show. Unlike the other custom blend colour hues usually used backstage by the models, this one is actually available in the market. The one you can buy. This is what places Clinique in our list of the best cosmetics brands for 2012. This new lip colour is what almost every second lady lusts for. The lip colour is reported to have shown equally stunning results when tested personally as on ramps.

Among the other best cosmetics brands for 2012, we can place MAC Reel’s sexy collection of the best cosmetics for 2012, Dolce & Gabbana’s pastel eye makeup collection and Olay anti aging cosmetics products.

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