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cosmetics1We all know very well that “when we look good we feel good “, without any doubt we should be very satisfied with the natural beauty that every one of us is bestowed with by God but a little help never hurts right? And the magical answer is COSMETICS

Cosmetics tend to improve our looks and appearance, they give a boost to our confidence level and give a trendy outlook that one can only wish for. Cosmetics include many little things that are in our daily use , the body lotions ,  the exotic perfumes ,the dark mascaras ,the glamorous lipsticks , the vampire-ish liners ,the multi colored hair dyes ,the casual French manicures , the bold blush on , the flashy lip glosses , the stylish gels and the smoky eye shades , in short everything that makes us the stylish person that we have become.

Cosmetics go deep down in our history; the ancient Egyptians were supposedly the pioneers of cosmetic usage, and then came the innovative changes done by Romans and the very stylish French. Even though cosmetic usage was frowned upon by many historical figures but thankfully its advance was never hindered.

It’s been widely believed that cosmetics are for the girls and ladies only, but in reality it is for the beautification of both females and males. Gone are the days when men considered themselves above and beyond the use of cosmetics but now the trend has been changing in favor of everybody because in reality every person needs to take care of themselves.

The use of cosmetics also varies with the changing fashion industry as one can never stick with one nail polish color forever now, can they? On one hand where cosmetics are considered as a necessity for the health of skin and body, on the other hand we should never ignore the disadvantages of over usage of makeup and cosmetic use because it may affect the natural beauty that we all value very much.Suffice it to say that cosmetic industry has been flourishing for the last couple of decades because of the increasing demands of public. Every year there is a new brand launch and even more crazy buyers like us but we should stay cautious about the harmful effects of some products and stay safe.

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