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Nail Polish Color for Skin Tone

Nail Polish Shades for Different Skin

Cosmetics are a girl’s best friend. Apart from constant facial care regime, girls love to hand paint and use nail polish colors to enhance the beauty of their hands. If you have sleek and gorgeous arms and you are wearing a sleeveless shirt, nail polish colors will enhance the look of your arms and hands making them shine and look radiant. The key is to choose the best nail polish color for yourself, keeping in mind your skin tone and appeal.

It isn’t necessary that all nail polish colors will go with your skin tone. Choosing which nail color suits you isn’t difficult at all. You can use some testers at your cosmetic counter before deciding what to buy. Similarly, once you have figured out the shades that suit you most, you can continue buying variations in the same color. Buying a good quality nail polish will ensure that it lasts longer. Here are a couple of handy tips that will help you choose which nail paint will best suit you.

1. Nail Polish Color for Fair Skin Tone

Nail Polish Colors for Fair Skin Tone

If you have a fair skin tone, you can carry almost every nail color. Best nail polish colors for fair skin tones include red, shades of bright and light pink, shades of purple, toffee colors, shades of brown and orange. Light skin toned people should avoid golden and yellow since it makes their hands look tanned. Light colors such as nail hardeners and shades of cream also look good on fair complexions.

2. Nail Polish Color for Medium Skin Tone

Blue Nail Polish Color for Medium Skin

People with medium skin colors can carry almost all colors that compliment fair skins, including bright and vibrant colors such as red, pink, blue, orange and metallic shades such as silver and light blue. However, shades such as dark purple and navy blue should be avoided.

3. Nail Polish Color for Tan Skin Tone

Nail Polish Color for Tan Skin

Like fair skin tone, people with tan skin color can carry any nail color. Nail polish colors for tans include bright colors. These colors enhance the effect of tan on the skin. Shades such as chocolate brown, bright pink, and deep maroon all bring out your tan and gives a nice golden feel to your skin.

4. Nail Polish Color for Dark Skin Tone

Nail Polish Shades for Dark Skin

Dark people should use nail polish colors that are also dark. Like dark maroon, dark red, dark green, dark blue. Light colors on dark hands, such as manicures etc., make their hands look darker than they already are. They should avoid wearing nail polish colors such as white, orange, metallic’s, silver, light pink etc. Gold is also ideal for dark skin tones.

In general, another way to pick a nail polish color is to keep the nail shade card next to your skin and see which color brightens your skin. Light to light and dark to dark is also a good matching. If you have light skin, you can carry light colors, and if you have a dark skin you can carry dark shades.

Nail manicures and nail art is also opted by many to enhance nail beauty. When choosing nail polish colors also keep the season in mind. Light colors look good in fall and summers and dark colors look more enhancing in spring and winters.

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