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Get Rid of Culprits in your Makeup Bag

Get Rid of Culprits in your Makeup Bag

Stay beautiful while taking care of the dangers of cosmetics in your makeup bag.

All women are cosmetic lover and want to own the best and latest makeup products that hit the market. It seems very good when your dressing table is full of makeup products like your favorite shades of lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, mascara and eyeliners, but do u have ever think that they are hidden dangers on your makeup table.

Do a quick check in your bathroom and you will surely find jars of face cream and moisturizers that you hardly use, the about to finish lip gloss and dregs of powder blush. While consuming makeup, we want to avail each and every penny that we have paid to buy them; therefore the idea of throwing these makeup culprits is far from our mind. The unused or about to finish makeup products are not only taking up shelf and extra spaces in our makeup bag, but can also cause harm to our skin.

Makeup products and beauty cosmetics turned from attractive to bad, after they have reached their expiry. At best, you will find difference in their performance, and at worst, they can cause skin infections and allergies. The unopened makeup product can remain stable for a couple of years at room temperature, however once you open them, the life and efficiency of the makeup product tends to decrease, with the rise of bacteria.

By following our beneficial beauty tips you can surely lessen the risk of contamination of makeup. The key point for makeup protection is hygiene; always apply makeup on washed face with clean hands. Instead of touching your makeup product directly by fingers, use a disposable spoon or applicator. Makeup products must not be shared with others, as this may cause irritation to skin. It is a must-to-do to keep makeup products in cool dry place, tightly closed, when not in use. One of the very helpful beauty tips is to discard cosmetics immediately, if you notice any change in color and texture.

The most common questions amongst all women is the time when to toss the makeup product out of the makeup bag. With our amazing beauty tips and guide, now you will be well-aware about the dangers in your makeup, before it will harm you.

The life of Liquid Foundation, which comes in a bottle last for 3-6 months, while cream foundation lasts 4-6 months; however wide mouthed jars are more prone to catch air and should be thrown earlier from the makeup bag. When the ingredients of your foundation get separated, it’s time to buy new one.

The concealer lasts for 6-8 months, while the powdered makeup products, like eye shadows, pressed powder and blush can be used till 1 year. Eyes are very sensitive area to apply any makeup and you should be very careful while using mascara and eyeliners, as it can cause severe eye infections, if not protected from bacteria. Mascara should not be used after 3 months and eye and lip pencils can be part of your makeup bag for up to 1 year.

Similar to lip pencils, lip gloss and lipsticks should be thrown from your cosmetics lineup after 1 year. It is very important to keep your makeup tools and brushes always clean to avoid any contact with germs. By applying these healthy makeup tips and cosmetics guidelines, you will surely stay beautiful and healthy.

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