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It’s all about the right make up brushes. Learn to buy the ones you need!

It’s all about the right make up brushes. Learn to buy the ones you need!

You don’t need hundreds of make up brushes, you just need the right ones! Never underestimate the importance of these tools in daily make up application.

Make up brushes allow for more precision in make up application, longer lasting results and are also more hygienic. Now you don’t have to blow the budget on your make up brushes, but building a good selection of the right make up brushes in your make up kit will go along way!

Choosing the right brush
The make up brush has to feel good, so pick it up and feel it. There are several different types of hair used and Capra, Kolinsky, Pony and Sable make up brushes are some of the best. Synthetic make up brushes are man-made of either nylon or polyester filaments and they are easier to keep clean than natural hair make up brushes.

Make up brands have their own make up brushes. Some of the best make up brushes in my make up kit are by MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown and Ruby & Millie.

Which make up brush should you use?

Eye shadow Brush
Everyone should own a medium sized eye make up brush for base application of the eye shadow. A finer brush which has more of a tip is ideal for precision blending. You should then own a bigger make up brush for blending and buffing the eye colour.

Concealer Brush
Your concealer brush should be synthetic and should be fine enough to cover those blemishes and spots. Eyes are better concealed with patting your fingers.

Powder Brush
These are used for dusting off excess powder, setting powder and buffing up your skin. These make up brushes usually domed and big enough to roll over your face.

Blusher Brush
Tapered brushes or flat brushes are good for blusher. Note that it should be softer than the powder make up brush.

Eyebrow Brush
These make up brushes groom the brows, give them shape and can remove excess brow product. Flat make up brushes for brows are great as well as hard angled small brushes. Try Body Shop

Make the investment in your make up brushes! Keep them clean and let that make up glide on your face evenly.

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