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Top Picks in Summer Cosmetic Colors

Summer Cosmetic Colors

Summer CosmeticHey Lovelies!

Summer is right here and it is time to update your cosmetics with summer cosmetic colors. Summer is the time to rise and shine once again and fall in love with yourself by indulging into the true wonder of nature. Summer cosmetic colors surely depict that very feel to the season and here’s a look at the latest in summer cosmetic colors.

Sun-Kissed Look

Being natural and flaunting yourself right according to the natural palette of shades in summer cosmetic colors is what we all love. This summer, the love for natural hues tickling your fancy with a tinge of sparkle and metallic feel for that ultimate sun-kissed look must have in summer cosmetic colors. So, pick up shades of nudes with just a little bit of sparkle and metallic feel to them.


Indeed, in summer cosmetic colors this season, the color palette is very much inspired by the autumn trends. Pastels are very much in fashion this season when it comes to summer cosmetic colors. May it be white, powder blue, baby pink or any other pastel shade; this summer, all these summer cosmetic colors have been given a warm welcome.


The craze for yellow color in summer cosmetic colors are practically being witnessed almost everywhere. May it be nail colors, eye shadows, mascaras or even blush-ons and lipsticks; yellow is the most desirable pick in summer as part of top picks in summer cosmetic colors.


Add a burst of freshness with summer cosmetic colors by picking the perfect orange lip gloss. It is vibrant, full of energy and perfect to go with the atmosphere of the summer season. Orange is the new red in summer cosmetic colors.


If you are still confused between blue and green then teal is the answer to your problem in summer cosmetic colors. Teal looks good with practically anything worn in summer season and its unique appeal creates its own charm in summer cosmetic colors this season.

Peachy Pink

Last but not the least; don’t forget to give your summer look a finishing touch without adding a peachy pink blush-on on your cheeks. Peachy pink is certainly the top pick in summer cosmetic colors for summer 2012.

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