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Top 10 Stress Reliever Games

stress reliever games

perfect stress reliever gamesAll of us experience stress in our daily lives. Whether it is hectic life, arrogant boss, personal problems, homework, kids or anything else, stress has certainly become a part of our life. We all understand the frustration, that stress brought in our personality and attitude, but few of us really know that we can get rid of this stress by some simple stress reliever games. Believe it or not, but these simple and interesting stress reliever games can turn out to be a magical help for you in beating the stress. Following are the Top 10 stress reliever games:

• Singing along with music

This is simple game that you can play alone at your own. Singing along with the music can help you in keeping depression and stress at bay. The harmony and music will not only turn off your stress, but will also relax your body by lowering your blood pressure.

• Meditation Flowers

This is surely a wonderful game to pull you out of stress. With this interesting game, you can sing, chant, or drone your own sounds and in response of your voice, you will get wonderful graphics visuals generated on the computer screen. This game will totally relieve you from stress by shifting your frame of mind. For singing and humming, you will need a microphone.

• Jigsaw Puzzle

Another stress reliever game is the famous jigsaw puzzle. Though, it may sound childish to some, but it is really an effective way to divert your mind from stress by arranging the pieces of puzzle.

• Puppets

This is an interesting stress reliever game, which can be enjoyed in both ways. Either you can represent as a puppet and can alter the dance by staying active, or you can sit back and enjoy the puppet dance with the relaxing music and attractive visuals.

• Flowers Game

This is a great stress reliever game, which can give you a chance of enjoying virtual gardening. You can relax your mind by enjoying all the gardening activities. You can create your own choice of flower, create your own garden and also share the game activities and creativities with your friends’ community.

• Memory Games

You can relieve your mind from stress by playing memory games. You have to memorize a set of picture blocks and have to re-arrange the set up as you have seen. This is a wonderful activity to rejuvenate your mind.

• Word Games

Whether you are in office, or at home, word games are considered as one of the best games for relieving the stress. You can use your brain power in these games and divert your attention from stress factors. The crosswords are easily found in the newspapers and you can relax yourself by spending few minutes in solving them.

• Sudoko

If you are among those who enjoy fiddling with numbers, then Sudoko is surely an ideal stress reliever game for you. This is a Japanese puzzle game in which one has to arrange the number 1-9 vertically and horizontally in the block accordingly.

• Quotes Game

To get relieved from stress, you can play a quotes game which allows you to view inspirational quotes and you can watch them turn into different designs. You can enjoy this game by providing your own favorite quotes and you can watch the creative designs emerging on your screen.

• Online Games

If you are big fan of online games, then you can easily beat up your stress. There are many online games that have proved to be a great help in relieving stress. Even if you are in office, you can pull out 10-15 minutes to relax your mind and play these online games. Among the most interesting and simple online games are the paintball and Farmville that are available on the internet and the social networking websites and act as a perfect stress busters.

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