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Manage the Causes of Stress

manage the causes of stress

manage the causes of stressThere are number of reason why and what causes stress it can be either physical danger (such as fear of something for example a speedy car rushing towards you) or emotional stresses (for example feel scared and afraid about losing the loved ones). In order to deal with the stresses first method is to identify the reason and then deal it.

Causes of Stress:

Following are some of the causes of stresses:

Survival stress
survival stress can be caused due to something that may put you in danger physically like as if something is going to hurt you. It can be due to an animal or human attack or a speedy car rushing towards you and how you respond to it just to get away from it is called survival stress.

Internal stress
Internal stress is the most common type of stress that is present in the society. It’s more self-developed than it is actually present in our day to day life. Mostly spouses are worried about their partners cheating on them or anything of that sort causes self developed stress and it really important to tackle. Some people like it when a lot of work is piled up and they end up living a life stressful.

 Environmental Stress
This kind of stress is often caused due to the environment that they have around them whether it’s noise, traffic or a very crowded place; though this kind of stress is difficult to handle due to the uncontrollable situation around you.

Fatigue and Overwork:
This is kind of stress which builds up over a longer period of time and the reasons can be by working too much or too hard at school, office or home, not being able to manage time or finding time to relax and rest.

Stress Management Tips

There are many ways how you can tackle the stresses.

The deep relaxed breathing of yoga oxygenates the blood and leave the body stress less.

Go for a run
Running is a very effective way to get over all the stress; all you have to do is plug your iPod in your ear and jog and walk around stress free.

Try visualization
The best way to deal with stress is to visualize something or somewhere you love to be and it helps you keep your mind off what’s bothering you.

Try sharing
If the stress is internal then the best thing to do is share the stuff what’s bothering you it helps pulling a lot of burden off your chest.

Eating during stress
It is proven that during stress people tend to get hungry which leads to impulsive eating and then obesity. It’s better to eat healthy and something, which really releases stress and give food to your brain instead of giving a bulge to your stomach. Food like chocolate, yogurt, fruits, herbal tea and almonds are not just full of vitamins but also relieve the stress.

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