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Summer Energy Saving tips for your Home

Energy Saving Tips

Energy Savings

When summers are in the air, they require lot to counter their effects on humans thus making their lives comfortable. Otherwise the inherent heat of the summers quenches the energies not of the humans alone but also of the accessories and aids used to protect humans from the wrath of summer season. Hence there is a dire need to fight the summers and also devise and implement the energy saving tips especially the summer energy saving tips. The energy saving tips definitely reduces the energy costs to the minimum possible. Therefore few but important summer energy saving tips are as follows

Use the fridge and deep freezer smartly:

The first and the foremost of the energy saving tips is the smart use of the fridges and the deep freezers by filling them to the maximum in this manner, less energy will be used for cooling them and also the fridge and the freezer will not have to work hard to keep it cool to the required degree.

Setting Thermostat:

Another one of the important energy saving tips is setting up of thermostat, which should be ideally set at around 78 degrees when you are around at home and while you are away it should be set at eighty five degrees. Also the combination of use of ceiling fans further assists the air flow across the home keeping the temperatures to the minimum and the comfortable level with the minimum possible energy requirement.

Use the Dish Washer:

Another of the summer energy saving tips is that dish washers should be used for washing the dishes rather than using the human hands as the dish washers’ use less water than the humans do while washing dishes, same principle should also be applied for washing clothes which means that the clothes should be washed in automatic washing machines.

Get rid of energy wasted:

Another one of the energy saving tips envisages the discarding of wasted energy by turning off appliances, electronic appliances and lights that are not required and not in use. It is pertinent to mention here that most of the latest electronic appliances use energy even when they are not in use and are in standby mode hence these devices must not be left longer on the standby modes and therefore must be unplugged.

Maintain air conditioners:

One of the effective energy saving tips is the periodic maintenance of the air conditioners and that is by replacing the dirty air filters which restrict the air flow and hence can force the conditioning systems to run longer to achieve the desired temperature levels. Also the heat exchanger unit should be clean and without dirt.

 Shut Off Home Leaks:

One of the most important factors in summer energy saving tips is the shutting off properly of the leaky doors and windows with the help of weather strips, seals and placing foam gaskets at suitable places.

Window Pane Glass Shading:

Energy saving tips envisages the shading of window panes so that less heat can be transmitted through convection inside the house through the sun rays.

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