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Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Summer is almost here, and now is the perfect time to consider replacing your roof so it can be nice and sturdy by the time winter rolls back in. Not only is a roof important for the overall insulation and protection of your house, but it’s one of the most underrated visual pieces of your home’s exterior. You can change the entire look of your home just by changing up the roof, and it’s much less expensive than an entire floor-to-ceiling remodel. If you’re considering replacing your roof, check out the tips below to make sure you’re taking every important consideration into thought!Replacing Your Roof

Replace the Old Roof

This one might seem like an obvious pointer, but many people are tempted by the possibility of just being able to layer new tiles over the old ones. While two layers of shingles are technically allowed, Time suggests that you have your old roof removed before you start putting a new one in place. You may save yourself from having to deal with the mess of disposing of your old roof and the additional money it can cost – up to $1000 in some cases – but you’re also passing up the opportunity to check for potential damage. If any repairs need to be made, a roof replacement is the perfect time for you to find out about it and get those repairs done.

Know When to Call in the Pros

It’s tempting to save money with a DIY approach, but a rooftop is not something you want to risk messing up. Huffpost explains that there are certain points when you should really be considering calling in roofing professionals to give you a hand. While yearly maintenance and small repairs can be done without necessarily needing to call in the pros, it might be in your best interest to bring them on board if you have plans to redo your entire roof. They know what to look for, what dangers to avoid, and where potential risks that you might not have noticed yourself may lie. On top of that, they’ll likely be able to finish the project fairly quickly while keeping up to industry standards, so you can be sure you’re getting bang for your buck.

Pick Your Roof Type

Different types of roofing material suit different lifestyles, environments and purposes. In order to determine which roof is better for your home, you’ll need to take these things into consideration. Do you get a lot of rain or frozen temperatures? Is your house in a very hot, arid, or sunny location? These things will all wear down and affect materials differently. Tile roofing, for example, is much better in terms of durability and you can expect them to last about twice as long as shingles. Shingles, on the other hand, are much harder to knock off than tiles and will likely be a better fit for home owners who live in areas that get high winds or frequent storms.

Aim for Curb Appeal

The material you pick for your roof isn’t just important for its longevity and the protection of your home; it’s also of key importance to curb appeal. What’s curb appeal? It’s how attractive your house looks to someone just walking by on the sidewalk or driving past, and it can have a huge impact on the first-impression opinions of potential buyers. That’s right, your roof could potentially make or break a deal. If you ever plan on selling your home someday, investing in a roof that really catches the eye and looks pleasing when you drive past can boost its sale potential. Keeping both form and function in mind is possibly one of the better ways to go about tackling a roof renovation. Know when to call in the pros, and you’ll be set for a renovation job that’s much easier and less stressful.

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