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Tips to Select and Store Onions

tips to select and store onions

tips to select and store onionsOnion is most consumed and versatile vegetable used in salad and in cooked meals but while purchasing many of women do not properly select onion that afterwards starts to rot.

With these tips to select and store onion half of your problem could be solved.

Selection of onion

The important factor while buying onion is to assure its firmness. Onion should be firm all around particularly near to the neck from where green part rises. If onion is soft at anywhere it may corrode during storage.

Storage of onion

Store onions at cool dry place with no moisture, as there they survive up to six weeks. Onions need air, so it’s better to put them in pantyhose, tying knot between each one and then hanging them up so that air may pass through each onion separately. It keeps onions save for usage.

You may also slice onion and freeze in a zip-top bag but it’s for only a week.

Simple Tips to Reseason a Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron pan gets rusted with time and needs to be reseasoned or recoated to get a stick-resistant surface. Follow these simple tips to reseason your cast iron pan:

First, wash the pan or skillet with warm soapy water and brush off rust with stiff nylon brush.

Scrub it then with steel wool and rinse properly

Let the pan dry for a while

Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil inside and outside surface of cast iron pan using a paper towel

Heat your oven to about 350°F and place aluminum foil at the bottom of oven to avoid extra dripping of vegetable oil

Put the pan upside down on top rack of the oven

It will allow vegetable oil coating to stick on pan and will reseason it also.

Leave the cast iron pan baking in oven till an hour

The pan is reseasoned now

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